Write On!: Get Moving, Write that Screenplay

Do you wonder How Hollywood Does It? Are you intrigued by all the moving parts that are part and parcel of getting a film on the screen? From where you sit, gazing up at the final cut, are you one of the few people in the audience who even knows the screenwriter’s name?

Every film has its beginning in the germ of an idea. That idea must be fleshed out and formatted, its lines repeated in numerous mouths long after leaving the hands of a screenwriter. There would be no film without the screenwriter giving voice to a story.

Do you want to be in that number? The world of filmmaking comprises an enormous cast of characters on and off the screen. There’s a whole host of people who play essential roles in getting a film on screen. The very first thing that has to happen, however, is that a script has to be read.

The spec script, also known as the selling script, is where the action, really, begins. Progressing to the shooting script or production script is where a screenwriter wants to end.

Cut to the Chase. Screenwriting is Storytelling. Your story, its dialogue, characters and storylines have to capture quite a few people’s attention before it reaches its final destination.

Whether you’re aiming for Hollywood, independent or instructional films or TV screens, a strong script that shows potential may get you in the door. But, that is only after you’ve succeeded in producing a script that sells.

You have to start somewhere, why not begin with the Essentials of Screenwriting? What Happens Next? Well, How to Write a Screenplay, of course!

Give yourself a strong foundation. Check out the film series, Art of Screenwriting Collection and Screenwriting 101. Writing Movies is a process, a process of discovery. Discover the connection between Classical Storytelling and Contemporary Screenwriting.

Educate yourself, get Screenwriting: Tips from the Pros. Find out what’s involved in Writing Television Sitcoms. What does The Screenwriter’s Problem Solver have to say about that roadblock you’ve encountered?

All along you write, write, write and rewrite trusting that your efforts will, one day, reward you with those magic words “Let’s Sell Your Script!”

Are lights, the cameras and action on your mind? Check out the resource list Write On!  Get Moving, Write that Screenplay. See what it takes for your characters to travel from a script to that big screen!

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