Celebrating 30 Years of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): The ADA Anniversary Movie Project

Photo of IsaacHello, my name is Isaac. I have worked for the Seattle Public Library for about a year now and I have come to appreciate a lot of what the Library has to offer. I have been recently helping the Library with the ADA anniversary movie project and I would have to say there is a lot I learned about working on the project. A good amount of it is looking up movies for the ADA event and shaving the movie list by narrowing down the number of movies. Growing up with autistic Asperger’s, I have always loved to read despite the challenges. I would never have imagined though that one day I would be working for the Library in downtown Seattle; what a joy and privilege.

Cover image for Letters to Father JacobLetters to Father Jacob

This is a movie that is about redemption and grace. A seemingly clueless blind priest and a cold former murder convict realize that there is more in common between them than they think.


Cover image for Mozart and the WhaleMozart and the Whale

Two non-stereotypical individuals with autism fall in love in this wonderful yet unusual movie. The girl in the movie has been through a deep life that we do not usually associate with special needs people.


Cover image for GiftedGifted

Gifted is about a gentleman who adopts his niece after her mother passes away. When the niece is found to have high knowledge and her controlling grandmother tries to take advantage of it, the main character must try to make things right.

Cover image for Temple GrandinTemple Grandin

A girl on the autism spectrum creates machines that help make the beef processing of cows more humane. Her story of her life and the support of her mother really hit home for me in a lot of ways.


Cover image of WonderWonder

A boy thinks his face looks awful and therefore hides his true colors underneath a mask. He does not realize that it is only by discarding his insecurities does he see the world and people around him and let others appreciate him for who he really is.


Image for Including SamuelIncluding Samuel

This story proves that one does not know how others feel until you have been in their shoes. A father never thought about the inclusion of the disabled community until his son was born with special needs.

Cover image for I Am SamI Am Sam

A mentally challenged father tries to raise his daughter with mixed results at the same time trying to fight for the custody of his child. This movie shows we cannot judge a book by its cover. Behind every face is a person, and behind every person is a story.


Cover image for Rain ManRain Man

A brother bitter that his autistic brother gets all the inheritance goes on a journey to get his portion back. This instead ends up being a trip to redemption for him and his special needs brother. Sometimes going through bitterness is when we can finally arrive at a place of peace with our loved ones and ourselves as well.

Cover image for AdamAdam

A typically autistic gentleman finds love in life in ways he does not expect. This movie shows that anything is possible in life even for special people. People should not be limited by their limitations, and the ending of this movie is also not limited by a typical movie ending.


~posted by Isaac S.

Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.ADA 30th Anniversary logoIn honor and celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a landmark civil rights legislation, the City of Seattle in partnership with King County, the Northwest ADA Center and numerous sponsors, including The Seattle Public Library, is proud to present a three-hour block of ADA related programming. Please join us in celebration.

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