Read Magazines for Free with Flipster

One of the downsides to grocery delivery, if you’re a magazine reader, is lack of access to impulse-buy reading material in the checkout line.  Those cover recipes on cooking magazines are a great way to get inspired in the kitchen. Celebrity gossip is an effective distraction on a rough day and can be a good conversation starter.

Don’t worry, you can fill this void through The Seattle Public Library with free, digital magazine access!

Introducing: FLIPSTER

This digital periodical collection offers access to 60 very popular magazines, always available, no need to place holds. Subjects include cooking, sports, politics, entertainment, history, science, health and more. Issues are always available and can be read on any web browser, or by downloading an app to your Android phone, iPhone, or Kindle Fire. Newsweek magazine is available in Spanish and English, and People en Español is also available!

To get started:

  • Using a web browser, visit the Flipster page on Scroll down and click “log in to Flipster,” then log in with your Library card and PIN.
  • Using your smart phone, search for the “Flipster” app in the app store and install it. Click “get started” then log in via “The Seattle Public Library” login button using your library card number.

Once you’ve logged in to Flipster you can search for magazines by title or subject. Each magazine appears in Flipster much as it did in paper, with the same full-color layout and any advertisements intact. The current issue loads automatically, with several years of back issues also available for most titles. Browse through any issue by flipping the pages or use the table of contents to click straight through to a particular article.

Differences between web access and the app:

  • Using a web browser, you can search within a given issue by keyword, and print articles of interest.
  • Using the app, you can download an issue to read offline. This is especially handy when you’re taking a trip where you won’t have network access or heading into airplane mode.

Whether Clean Eating is your jam, People entertain you, you think it’s a Runner’s World, or you just want to go Outside, if you love magazines there is something in this collection for you.Questions? Ask a Librarian! We love to hear from you and are here to help.

ALSO! If you’re interested reading an even larger range of news and entertainment, prefer reading in a language other than English, seek the perspective of a title published outside the US, or if accessible features are important to your reading experience, you may also be interested in a digital magazine and newspaper collection called PressReader! You’ll find a how-to about that one, here.

~posted by Anne C.

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