13 Tales for 13 Nights of Halloween

It’s that time of year again: time to gather round for a bone-chilling storytime. I’m so sad not to be joining you all at Lotties’ Lounge, Tippe & Drague, Floating Bridge, The Palace Theatre, Capitol Cider, The Pine Box, or any of the other wonderful venues where we’ve done ‘Ales from the Crypt over the past years. This year we’ll drink alone, but allow me to read you something scary on each of the 13 nights between now and Hallowe’en.

The House of the Nightmare, by Edward Lucas White. A car accident, a dark lonely road, a seemingly abandoned house, and a strange boy. Recorded July 2020.

The Red Lodge, by H. Russell Wakefield. A man moves into an old house with his family and begins to suspect that it is haunted. Recorded live, October 2017.

The Red Room, by H.G. Wells. Do you dare to spend just one night alone, in the Red Room? Recorded September 2020.

John Charrington’s Wedding, by Edith Nesbit. Nothing – not even death – could keep him from the altar. Also A Voice in the Night, a tale of nautical ghoulishness by William Hope Hodgson. Recorded live, October 2011.

The Past, by Ellen Glasgow. The atmospheric southern gothic tale of the tenacious spectre of an undying – but quite dead – love. Recorded September 2020.

The Magic Shop, by H. G. Wells. A man and his son stumble into a curious shop featuring merchandise from Hell. Also Man Overboard, by Winston Churchill, a shark-infested tale of terror. Recorded live, May 2010.

The Striding Place, by Gertrude Atherton. A young man has an otherworldly encounter one night along the world’s deadliest stretch of river. Recorded Sept 2020.

The Ghost Child, by Bernard Capes, and The Furnished Room, by O. Henry. A pair of classic Edwardian ghost stories. Recorded live, Oct 2010.

Unseen, Unfeared, by Francis Stevens. In this weird tale penned during the Influenza pandemic of 1919, malevolent horrors seethe invisibly in the air all around us. Recorded October 2020.

The Confession, by Algernon Blackwood. To a shell-shocked veteran of the Great War, the foggy London streets teem with phantoms … and worse. Recorded live, October 2012.

The Lizard God, by Charles Finger. A strange creature lurks in the jungles of equatorial South America. Recorded July 2020.

The Ebony Frameby Edith Nesbit. In this old fashioned Victorian tale of ghostly romance, a man falls instantly in love with a woman he sees in the ebony frame that he finds in his attic. Recorded live, October 2017.

The Tarn, by Hugh Walpole. Not even death could end his hatred. A moody, riveting tale of psychological horror from a neglected master. Recorded October 2020.

Need more? Check out Tod Brown’s bizarre sideshow tale SpursAmbrose Bierce’s wicked short-short John Mortonson’s Funeral, M.L. Humphries’ The Floor Above, George Washington Cable’s Southern Gothic shocker Jean-Ah Poquelin, and Edgar Jepson’s Mrs. Morrell’s Last Seance.  And bookmark or subscribe to Thrilling Tales Podcasts for still more spooky and suspenseful stories, including fresh weekly tales this October: I just recorded this Thursday’s story – Courage, by Forrest Reid – and it literally sent a chill down my spine.

UPDATE: New this week, Courage by Forrest Reid, a strange, lyrical ghost story about a young boy’s adventure in a haunted house.

     ~ Posted by David W.

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