Tales (and Recipes) for a Winter’s Night

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Yuletide, Winter Solstice – no matter the form it takes – tales and food so often play a part. Stories of memories, tales passed on from generation to generation, and recipes too following down the line from grandmother, to daughter, to granddaughter, to great-grandson. The ties that bind us during the holiday season whether near or far or a picture of remembrance that sits upon the mantel. 

Here are a few books in our collection to get you started on making those traditions: 

The Christmas Chronicles: Notes, Stories & 100 Essential Recipes for Winter by Nigel Slater

A stunning read by author and food writer Nigel Slater, who has more than a few foodie books in our collection. From November to February, Nigel will take you through his winter rituals with folktales, recipes, and personal stories and gorgeous photographs. Truly an ode to winter!

The Little Winter Book of Gnomes by Kirsten Sevig

A delightful collection of sayings full of Scandinavian wisdom and a few delicious recipes. Also, adorable illustrations of gnomes. It’s a quick whimsical read to cozy up with your kiddo, your cat, or a fuzzy blanket! (Would also make a great stocking stuffer.)

Calm Christmas and A Happy New Year: A Little Book of Festive Joy by Beth Kempton

This holiday season we could all use a little calm. Cultivate joy and connection to make the holidays what you want them to be instead of letting them overtake you. Through mindfulness and goal setting make your holidays stress-free with this read that spans from late November to early January. 


Christmas Days: 12 Stories and 12 Feasts for 12 Days by Jeanette Winterson

More than your typical Christmas book. There is a tale for everyone of all ages whether it’s a mystery, a romance, or a spooky read. Also, personal touches throughout as she shares her own Christmas memories and festive recipes. You’ll find it all – stories, recipes, and magic to wrap yourself up in! 


~ posted by Kara P.


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