Wintering Over: Art in Shades of Dark and Light

Winter, like life, comes in shades of dark and light. Herein lies the drama of an indispensable duo meant to be seen, in multitudes of splendor, in paintings photographs and drawings.

Let us go into the season with an Invocation of Beauty seeking not, its Genesis but Graciela Iturbide’s Mexico and Antonio Berni’s Juanito and Ramona.

Let us bask in some Remembered Light knowing that The Disappearance of Darkness cannot erase our Night Vision for it is vision we are seeking. It is a widening, expansive vision that we need to see us through.

What shall we discover in the ways Charles White draws The Invisible Man out of his invisibility but great sweeps of light as Alexander McQueen’s Evolution comes strutting into view.

It is through Wynn Bullock’s Revelations that we witness what is revealed as Shirin Neshat’s skinny lines become Imperceptible, Adam Pendleton

This world is rife and rich in its plethora of tones saturating our senses.  I’ve watched them come and go across the picture windows of My Father’s House as I waited for Archibald Motley to make his way to Abelardo Morell’s Universe Next Door.

Don’t you see?  This is how this world draws us in?  We are drawn to its dance, a dance of light pulling us into depths of darkness becoming one more forming form. From Ink Art to Ballpoint Art lines beckon us to follow Minor Whites’ Manifestations of the Spirit until we arrive, again and again, where morning embraces night.

Hold tight, hang on, see yourself through, look closely, closer, make note of how artists make excellent use of the play between dark and light.  Check out the resource list Wintering Over:  Art in Shades of Dark and Light.

~posted by Chris

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