Rest and Retreat

I know solitude seems like the opposite of what you want to do right now, but solitude with a purpose, such as rest, could be highly beneficial especially after this difficult year. There are also many forms of rest. Resting the mind for better sleep, retreating to rest and recharge, and finding solitude to create or come to terms with our season of winter. 

Here are a few books in our collection that bring that idea of rest to mind:

Nothing Much Happens: Cozy and Calming Stories to Soothe your Mind and Help You Sleep by Kathryn Nicolai

While my insomnia has been more pregnancy related than not, I’ve been finding tools to help slow down my overthinking brain to make it not so miserable: heartburn tea, putting my phone away an hour before bed, and the most important tool, reading a physical book at bedtime. Based on the podcast this collection includes soothing new stories and adorable illustrations to help you sleep.

Wild Awake: Alone, Offline, and Aware in Nature by Vajragupta

Often people feel a sense of being trapped in winter, but it’s surprisingly easy to retreat to a cabin, a yurt, or an Airbnb when you need that recharging getaway…the closer to nature the better. Vajragupta uses our connection to nature as a wake-up call to ourselves. Taking that opportunity of silence and solitude to listen deeply. Advice is also added on how we can create this space. 

At the Center of All Beauty: Solitude and the Creative Life by Fenton Johnson 

A look to those that have mastered the art of being “solitaries”. While everyday language would box people into hermits, call someone lonely, or label women as spinsters – this book reinvents the language and concept of being alone as an essential benefit to living a creative life. 

Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times by Katherine May

Taking hardship and transforming it through rest and retreat to welcome in a new season of life. Combining elements of mindfulness, nature, and memoir Katherine takes us through the winter of her life. Filled with humor and encouragement in beautiful prose to give the readers a chance to withdraw, heal and transform. “Life goes on, abundantly, in winter, and this is where changes are made that usher us into future glories.”

~ posted by Kara P.

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