Let’s bring back ghost stories for Xmas

The night has come for ghosties and ghoulies to peer from the flickering shadows, while we gather round the firelight to tell tales of terror and grue! No, not Hallowe’en: Christmas Eve! A century and more ago, this was the night to share scary stories:

“And not only do the ghosts themselves always walk on Christmas Eve, but live people always sit and talk about them on Christmas Eve. Whenever five or six English-speaking people meet round a fire on Christmas Eve, they start telling each other ghost stories. Nothing satisfies us on Christmas Eve but to hear each other tell authentic anecdotes about spectres. It is a genial, festive season, and we love to muse upon graves, and dead bodies, and murders, and blood.”

That quote is from Told After SupperJerome K. Jerome’s 1891 Christmas-themed collection of stories, one of several such collections that are available for you to check out right now.

If ever there was a haunted year, it was 2020, and so it is high time to revive the tradition! Nobody to read to this year? Visit our very own Thrilling Tales Podcast, where we have several classic ghost stories for your listening pleasure, including:

Come join me by the flickering firelight, for some Happy Haunted Holidays!

     ~ posted by David W.

One thought on “Let’s bring back ghost stories for Xmas”

  1. Ghost Stories for Christmas : Free audio.
    For those who feel Christmas is the perfect time for ghost stories and who pine for more ‘Jamesian’ content, this is my own humble contribution to the Christmas tradition, a story intended to emulate M.R. James’ style (as best I could) and to hopefully keep you entertained during the festive season.
    Written under my pen name Eleanor Sciolistein and read by Andrew Parish.
    Do let know what you think and a very Merry Christmas to you all.

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