The Show Must Go On Hoopla!

By now, theater fans are finding creative and unexpected ways to connect with their favorite medium that have grown quickly in this time of necessity. In some places, socially distanced music festivals have brought performers back to the stage. Many streaming services are picking up content as quickly as they can, and streaming shows of bands and performers are helping to keep the stage lights lit.

Hoopla logoYour library access to Hoopla is another convenient way to get your musical fix! Whether you are an original cast recording purist or a movie musical enthusiast, you already have these soundtracks and more at your fingertips!

Hamilton’s stage recording made it to Disney+ streaming July 4th, 2020 for a monthly subscription fee, but did you know the music has been here all along? Not just stuck in your head, but here, on Hoopla! This musical, much like its creator and its subject, shattered expectations. This fictional take on a controversial American figure’s rise and fall is told through modern music and a cast so diverse and talented that it truly turns the world upside down.

Image of cover of Hamilton Original Cast RecordingImage of cover of Hamilton Mix TapeLike so much of high school, the Tony Award winning Dear Evan Hansen is a tragic mess and overflowing with drama. If this story of grief and mental health struggle slipped past you, take a listen, and hear from the many voices affected by difficult choices, trauma, best efforts, and loss. The happy ending is in the promise that the story, for all its sadness, is not over with the finale.

Image of the cover of Dear Evan Hansen Original Broadway Cast RecordingIf you prefer something light, bombastic, and affirming, the history rewriting The Greatest Showman provides! This movie musical begins and ends with all the glitz and roar you would expect of a P.T. Barnum show. But in between, presumption and prejudice are confronted, hearts are broken and mended, fortunes made and lost. This fictional take on Barnum and his business is all show, but it is not a show to be missed.

Image of cover of The Greatest Showman Original Motion Picture SoundtrackThe show must go on and so it will, with these and more soundtracks from Hoopla and your Seattle Public Library, until the curtains rise again.

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     ~ posted by Hannah V.

One thought on “The Show Must Go On Hoopla!”

  1. The only musical I saw in person last year was Come From Away. My family originally got Disney+ for Hamilton alone, but changed their minds when they saw how many movies my sister I would love.

    I love Greatest Showman.

    I actually have kinda of ignored Dear Evan Hansen- it was the storyline that was throwing me off- yes, hand’t seen the stage show, but heard of some things in the storyline. I do love “Waving Through a Window” despite kinda of ignoring it.

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