What Happens When Poetry Propagates a Nation?

Citizens, the month of harvest is here. Celebrate National Poetry Month.

Here comes, once again, An American Sunrise. Arrived, once again, a proliferation of poetry; each poem The Winged Seed of a thousand thoughts.

From whence do they come, these Words Like Thunder? Of course, from poets, those propagating Children of Grass who Forage for Earth Vowels, Mosses and Lichens, all the while seeking The Clearing, some clear view in the distance to get to the end of the poem, the manuscript, the line.

Poets Carrying Water to the Field have to learn How to Carry Water. They have to, carefully, tend to Pale Colors in a Tall Field until music, Field Music, fills air and it goes abuzz with Everyday Mojo Songs of Earth.

In the Field Between Us fallen leaves, leaves from that tree, The Forgetting Tree. Heed the Hollow, mind the Migrant Earth, seek Refugia. In those Quickening Fields, seek visions, seek poems, seek out poets, the month of harvest is here.

Say to yourself, My Name Will Grow Wide Like a Tree and believe it.  There is power in poetry. Plenty and plenty more poetry is powered by what is possible. There is enough poetry for us all to partake in its possibility.  The Sun and Her Flowers, know.  The sun, every flower, each poet and poem knows this to be true, When the Light of the World Was Subdued, Our Songs Came Through.

What Happens When Poetry Propagates a Nation? Find out for yourself, check out the resource list of poetry books and widen your field of vision during the month of April and beyond.


~posted by Chris

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