#BookBingoNW2021 Black Joy

A short list of good reads that can be applied to the Black Joy 2021 Book Bingo square. These are funny, romantic stories that follow Black characters whose best lives find them.

Girl Gurl Grrrl: On womanhood and belonging in the age of Black girl magic by Kenya Hunt, deputy editor of the fashion magazine Grazia UK, is an anthology of essays about her life and career, sharing the joys and trials of being a Black American in the UK. 

28-year-old Grace Porter goes on a girls’ trip to Vegas to celebrate in Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers, having just completed her PhD in astronomy. A straight-A high achiever, she is not the kind of person who goes to Vegas and gets drunkenly married to a woman she doesn’t know, until she does exactly that…

In Real Men Knit by K.M. Jackson, determined to keep his late adoptive mother’s Harlem knitting shop open, Jesse Strong, the youngest of four sons, enlists the help of craft-savvy businesswoman Kerry Fuller, who is the shop’s assistant, and is hiding her secret crush on him.

Take a Hint, Dani Brown by Talia Hibbert is a romantic comedy that follows two friends who become lovers- one a PhD student, the other a security guard- who despite their obvious attraction are seemingly unsuited until a chance opportunity brings them closer than they expected.

And Wings of Ebony by J. Elle opens with Rue being taken away from her Houston neighborhood by the father she never knew in the aftermath of her mother’s murder. Arriving on a hidden island of magic, she discovers her half-god identity and responsibility in helping protect the mortal and immortal worlds.

For more suggestions, check out the full BookBingoNW2021 Black Joy booklist.

For more ideas for books to meet your Summer Book Bingo challenge, follow our Shelf Talk #BookBingoNW2021 series or check the hashtag #BookBingoNW2021 on social media. To print your Book bingo is presented in partnership with Seattle Arts & Lectures.

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