Growing Wild!

We recently took our son to visit his grandparents in rural Oregon. Surrounded by acreage and farms, he got to visit goats, sheep, a llama, chickens, and a handful of dogs and cats. He was delighted! On top of that there was running down rolling hills barefoot, digging in dirt, and climbing rock piles. Each night he went to bed exhausted from his busy days. This was just the beginning of earthing himself into a place that will become an important part of his childhood. It gave us an idea of what to be prepared for in our future adventures and when to let go and let him grow wild!

Here are a few books in our collection to inspire your own kiddo’s adventures with nature:

Vitamin N: the Essential Guide to a Nature-rich Life by Richard Louv
A book chock full of ideas to get involved with the natural world. While I was originally drawn to it for ideas for my child, it goes above and beyond the immediate family to include the greater community at large. It highlights organizations connecting people to nature, as well as articles, research and reading suggestions. Also, for a book published in 2016 it is still relevant and informative.

Let Them Be Eaten by Bears: a Fearless Guide to Taking Our Kids Into the Great Outdoors by Peter Brown Hoffmeister
There can be a lot of stress around the idea of packing up our kids and taking them on a camping trip, but the rewards far out weigh the risks. This book helps parents move beyond that fear to enjoy time in nature with their kids and educates us on the things we need to actually be thinking about to go out and get wild.


Outdoor Kids in An Inside World: Getting Your Family Out of the House and Radically Engaged With Nature by Steven Rinella
Nature has the ability to teach us many lessons. For me growing up one of the biggest ones was being comfortable with being uncomfortable and that’s something Rinella captures in his book. Kids get dirty, they get wet, they sleep in a different place on a cot or even on the ground, and so many other things that while uncomfortable for most of us becomes an exciting adventure for kids.

Be sure to checkout our Outdoor Recreation resources!

My kiddo’s recommendation: Some Bugs by Angela DiTerlizzi.

~posted by Kara P.

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