Taking a walk on the weird side of Fantastical Seattle

We all know that Seattle is fantastic, but only fantasy readers know just how much so. Seattle not-quite-as-we-know-it has appeared in many fantasy novels. Urban fantasy fans will be familiar with Kat Richardson’s classic Greywalker series, in which psychic sleuth Harper Blaine solves crimes along the natural and supernatural faultline that passes right through our fair city. Readers of epic fantasy will recall that Terry Brooks’ trilogy of prequels – starting with Armageddon’s Children – revealed the origins of the Tolkeinesque realms of Shannara to be a struggle between elves and humans in a post-apocalyptic Seattle beset by plague and devastation. Here are some more recent Seattle-based fantasies for you to try:

Marion Deeds’ Comeuppance Served Cold takes us back to Jazz Age Seattle, where a band of misfit magickers struggle to ply their curious trades in a charmed dockside speakeasy while evading the watchful eye of the Commissioner of Magi, even as the chaperone he has hired to mind his errant daughter prepares to rob him blind. Magical Seattle on the brink of the Great Depression makes a marvelously gritty backdrop for this intriguing fantasy caper. More, please!

Amidst the sideshow flim-flam of Seattle’s 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, telekinetic Wilhelm and gifted illusionist Jack find love, and the youths join forces to overcome the nefarious guardians who are manipulating them to their own greedy ends. Shaun David Hutchinson’s Before We Disappear is an irresistible mix of Seattle history, mystery, and romance.

The titular Souljacker of Yasmin Galenorn’s paranormal romance thriller is an errant tattoo-artist vampire wreaking havoc in the Blood Night district of Seattle. Human police aren’t interested, so succubus Lily Bound teams up with chaos demon Archer to restore order after a weretiger is mysteriously slain in Lily’s sex salon.

Harry Potter meets The Office in The Conjuring of Zoth-Avarex, The Self-Proclaimed Greatest Dragon in the Multiverse, by K.R.R. Lockhaven (the second R stands for “redundant”). Newly hired at the government’s top-secret and intensely bureaucratic magic agency, The Site, trainees Harris, Silvia and Patrick witness the disastrous culmination of a multi-decade project when a dragon is conjured into existence, only to devour his conjurers and fly away to set up his hoard high atop the Space Needle, where he becomes a social media darling. This hilarious pastiche of fantasy tropes is certain to please Terry Pratchett fans.

     ~ Posted by David W.

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