The Library’s First-Ever Electric Bookmobile

The Seattle Public Library’s Mobile Services has a sweet new ride — our first-ever electric Bookmobile.

The Seattle Public Library’s Mobile Services’ staff in front of their sweet new ride.

The Library worked with the Seattle’s City Fleets to replace one of our aging Mobile Services delivery vans with a new electric Ford E-Transit. The electric van is one of four Mobile Services vehicles that brings carts of library materials into low-income senior housing, assisted living facilities and preschools.

In total, we make monthly visits to 97 partner locations throughout the city to reach preschoolers, older adults, and patrons with disabilities.

Electric Bookmobile

The Library’s Mobile Services staff are excited not only because it’s our first electric vehicle, but also because it’s easier to park than our other vans and has enhanced safety features.

The Library's electric bookmobile

Wondering about those eye-catching graphics? They are courtesy of the Library’s Marketing & Online Services team.

Want to learn more about The Seattle Public Library’s Mobile Services? Go to

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