#BookBingoNW2021 Black Joy

A short list of good reads that can be applied to the Black Joy 2021 Book Bingo square. These are funny, romantic stories that follow Black characters whose best lives find them. Girl Gurl Grrrl: On womanhood and belonging in the age of Black girl magic by Kenya Hunt, deputy editor of the fashion magazine … Continue reading “#BookBingoNW2021 Black Joy”

#BookBingoNW2021 Coming of Age

Looking to fill your book bingo Coming of Age square? Check out one of these titles, in which characters confront confusing situations and pursue big dreams as they enter adulthood. White Ivy by Susie Yang As a teenager, Chinese-American Ivy is caught between the disapproval and harsh parenting style of her parents, and the love … Continue reading “#BookBingoNW2021 Coming of Age”

#BookBingoNW2021 Beach Read

Fellow readers, let’s talk beach reads. Don’t be put off by the name – these can be read at the beach, sure, but also by a lake; in a park or on your lawn; on your couch – anywhere you’re taking some time for yourself. And any book can be a beach read*, so long … Continue reading “#BookBingoNW2021 Beach Read”

#BookBingoNW2021 Small Press

Those who follow the literary world know the agglomeration of mega-publishers that was once termed the “big six” long ago became the “big five,” and through yet another merger/acquisition will soon become the “big four.” It seems just a matter of time before we’re talking about the “big one.” Fortunately, there are many many small … Continue reading “#BookBingoNW2021 Small Press”

#BookBingoNW2021: Graphic Novel or Comic

This is a short list of my favorite reads that can be applied to the graphic novel or comic 2021 Book Bingo square. These are thrilling, heart wrenching, thoughtful stories. Infinitum: An Afrofuturist Tale by Tim Fielder From the distant past through to the unforeseeable future, King Aja Oba lives many lives, made immortal by … Continue reading “#BookBingoNW2021: Graphic Novel or Comic”