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New Nonfiction – November 2017

Food, faith, France, fakers….November’s got it all! Check out the most anticipated nonfiction being published this month.

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New Fiction – November 2017

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Playing With Your Words

Patient parents, have you put up with perpetual puns and palindromes? Troubled teachers, are you tired of tolerating tongue twisters?  Sometimes growing literacy skills and an emerging sense of humor collide in a dazzling display of fondness for word play.  … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Comix Celebrations: ICAF and Short Run Comix

During the first weekend in November, Seattle will be hosting both the International Comic Arts Forum Conference, and the Short Run Comix & Arts Festival, both free to attend!

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The Spy Who Loved Me

What is it about spies that make them such fantastic romance heroes? Is it the air of danger? The ability to write in code? Or maybe it’s that, when a hero is a spy, you know that eventually they’ll have … Continue reading

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Talkin’ Turkey

What do you call it when it rains turkeys?  Fowl Weather (of course!) Most times, these ungainly strutting birds get no respect, not even as dinner’s main course. Take the Butterball Turkey Helpline—most new cooks are baffled by such a … Continue reading

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Evolution of a Sustainable City

This September, I set up a display on the Central Library’s 7th floor called “Sustainable Cities” to complement a traveling exhibition we were showing at the time elsewhere in the building. The display featured books and documentaries about how to … Continue reading

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