Hoopla Comics: Tips and Recommendations

Many people are now familiar with Hoopla for music and videos, but it is also an excellent place to download comic books and graphic novels!

The Seattle Public Library doesn’t carry individual issues of comics, but you can find many of them in Hoopla. If there is a hot new title you want to keep up with, Hoopla can be great for that. However, checking out one issue at a time will eat up your 15 monthly checkouts really quick!

To get the most of your 15 monthly checkouts, here a few tips:

  • Don’t check all 15 out at once…there is a good chance you won’t get through them all, and we have a daily system limit, so share the wealth!
  • Look for comics that are Volumes, not Issues. Volumes collect multiple issues, so you will get more bang for your proverbial buck.
  • Right now, during the pandemic, Hoopla is offering Bonus Borrows, great titles that don’t count towards your 15 item limit

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Rock Steady: Brilliant Advice From My Bipolar Life  by Ellen Forney
Ellen Forney is something of a local legend in Seattle comic circles. You may recognize her work from The Stranger, where she had a long running strip called “I Was Seven in ’75”, has done many covers, and for a while illustrated the personal ads! Rock Steady is a great book for anyone dealing with mental illness or just trying to hold it together during these challenging times. Continue reading “Hoopla Comics: Tips and Recommendations”

Independent Women Creating Comics

Like so many others I was terribly disappointed when Emerald City Comic Con announced its cancellation. Not only for fans, but for the creators that depend on such platforms to connect with the community and broadcast their works. Fortunately for us there is Hoopla, a free service that makes literally thousands of comic titles available at our fingertips. But where to start? And what if you crave something outside of the ultra-popular superhero universes? How about an independently published comic? And what if—and here’s the kicker—those comics were created by women?

Recently there has been some improvement in the number of women working professionally in the comic book industry, but only a very small margin of published comics are written and penned by women. As a fan (and one who identifies as female) I’m using this platform to introduce five of my favorite titles made by these talented ladies.

Cover of The Complete ElfQuest: Volume OneElfQuest – Wendy Pini

American Library Association described ElfQuest as “One of the most important works in American Fantasy.” Debuting in 1978, ElfQuest is a unique saga of tribal elves surviving a harsh world with distrustful humans. Wendy Pini and editor/husband Richard Pini are often an unsung success story of self-published comics before the digital age. Continue reading “Independent Women Creating Comics”

#BookBingoNW2020: On your shelf

I’ve always been a reader but, as time goes on, I find that my eyes are perpetually larger than my literary stomach, resulting in piles of books all over the house and a Goodreads “to read” shelf that requires constant pruning.  Between teleworking and homeschooling there isn’t nearly much time to read as I had hoped, but I’m doing my best to check a few key items off my list during the quarantine:

on my shelfI was beyond ecstatic to get my hands on an advance reader copy of Network Effect, Martha Wells’ latest addition to the Murderbot Diaries.  It was so fantastic I’m rereading the entire series (and supporting my local indie bookstores along the way) in anticipation of giving it a second look. SecUnit has become one of my favorite characters as of late, both for the soul searching and the sardonic humor. Continue reading “#BookBingoNW2020: On your shelf”

Escape to Hoopla!

Right now the world can be a lot, but Hoopla has something for all ages to escape when you need to check out for a bit.


Avatar, the Last Airbender: Fun for the whole family! Ang, the last Airbender, finally comes back to help save the world after being trapped in ice for 100 years! This shorter animated series is sure to be a win for the whole family – even for the cabbage man.

The Great British Baking Show: This is British reality TV in its most wholesome form! Watch contestants bake their way to glory, but without the mean spirited manner you see in many other cooking competition shows. If you are hungry now, maybe save this one for later? Or perhaps, be inspired by it!

Lumberjanes: This comic takes us to Miss Quinzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s camp for hardcore lady-types who earn badges as they explore mysterious things in the forest.  Friendships are forged and become the power that holds them together. Continue reading “Escape to Hoopla!”

#BookBingoNW2020: Uplifting

What better way to announce Book Bingo 2020 then with a teaser square?! Not to mention a square that is much needed. Here are a few books to get you started on completing your Uplifting square! And keep an eye out for the full downloadable card in early May.


Seattle Walk Report | Sasquatch BooksWe have to start with the talented Susanna Ryan, who made our amazing Book Bingo card this year! If you haven’t had the chance to check out her comic the Seattle Walk Report on Instagram, you can get your fix with the book in print and on Overdrive. Walk through Seattle without leaving your house and see all the quirky and interesting sights the city has to offer from your own living room. Want more? Check out our podcast featuring Ryan–hear a reading as well as a Q & A session with Paul Constant from Seattle Review of Books. Continue reading “#BookBingoNW2020: Uplifting”