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Bringing Women’s Stories to Life

For Women’s History Month this year, I’d like to highlight the way fiction can take a real person’s life and help fill in the gaps about what we historically know, using imagination in order to bring that person’s story back. … Continue reading

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Epistolary Novels in the 21st Century

If you ever took an English class that covered the history of literature, you very likely spent at least a few minutes on epistolary novels, or novels written as a series of documents, traditionally letters. The examples that spring to … Continue reading

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Bus Reads for October

The Well by Catherine Chanter has an edge of magical realism, but for the most part it is the struggle for life, marriage, family, and self under pressure; I loved it. Mark and Ruth Ardingly seek a new start. They leave … Continue reading

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History, only better!

Don’t get me wrong, I love history, but sometimes I need a more satisfying narrative. Here are a few titles that will transport you to another time and place and you may learn a little history at the same time: … Continue reading

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Binge-worthy TV and book pairings

There is great fun to be had in chasing a topic or setting across formats: getting into a TV show and then delving more into that world with a novel that explores a similar storyline, or vice versa. From hackers to … Continue reading

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Fantasy Checklist Challenge: Gaslamp Fantasy

What exactly is Gaslamp? Think of it as Regency-era steampunk, flavored more by magic than machine oil. It’s a genre that invites readers to take a stroll with lady detectives, or sip tea in the receiving rooms of alternate universes. … Continue reading

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Take Me to Cuba

By Richard C. Even with tourism to Cuba increasing and relations warming, my bank account says I’ll still be getting my taste of Cuban food, fiction, and history the vicarious way. My favorite lately is the instant documentary – Spanish or English anytime, right!? After … Continue reading

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