Reconnect Virtually with Seattle Museums 

Connecting virtually with our friends, families, co-workers, classmates – this new way of life is quickly becoming the norm. The way we interact with the world will forever be changed by this pandemic. 

What seems to always be true in times of national crisis is the rise of creativity and ingenuity among people and communities. When we come together, we make great things happen amidst the chaos and uncertainty. 

Many of our favorite institutions across the city are offering new ways to connect with resources, digital content, and online learning opportunities. Here are just a few of my favorite discoveries this week. 

Burke from Home
The Burke Museum is providing a variety of coloring pages, prehistoric craft ideas, and a printable nature scavenger hunt. You can also sign-up to receive weekly curriculum packets to support your child’s at home learning. Continue reading “Reconnect Virtually with Seattle Museums “

Missing Live Music? We’ve Got You Covered

If you’re a live show junkie, Washington’s new “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order might have you feeling a little stir-crazy. Not to worry: we’ll be writing a series of posts that might help you get your music fix with the aid of streaming services like Freegal, Hoopla, and Kanopy

First up, let’s take a deep dive into the world of the 90s riot grrrl movement. Consider watching Elizabeth Moss’ feistiest performance yet (yes, even more hot-blooded than Offred of The Handmaid’s Tale) in the 2019 film Her Smell, available from Kanopy.

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Move That Body

One of the things I noticed the most about being home the first few days of self-isolation was my lack of movement. With gyms and some parks and playgrounds closed, and with more people sheltering in place, innovation began to occur. My local yoga studio started doing free yoga classes online via YouTube. Talking to my friends on social media or Facetime, I heard their gyms have created at home workouts to get them through week by week. Not everyone has that kind of access, but the library can help!

Access Video, which has unlimited video-on-demand, can be watched on your computer, tablet, or phone. Access currently has a Yoga, Pilates, and more section right now. It also has something for every age. If you are homeschooling your kids they offer Pilates Kids – one item of note is Study Break Workout: “Refocus, energize, learn better, and have fun with this innovative program that teaches kids simple breathing and exercise techniques that can be performed while seated in a chair at a desk” (Access Video). Continue reading “Move That Body”

Stay-at-Home Drive-In Movie Madness!!

After regular movie theaters have suspended operations, many couples and families have rediscovered Drive-In Movie Theaters, where social distancing is a standard feature! My sister is a drive-in movie buff, and so she and her husband love to go to the Blue Fox Drive-In up on Oak Harbor, one of five still running in our state.

Mahoning Drive-in, Leighton Pennsylvania

Sadly, now even drive-ins will need to close for a while in keeping with Washington State’s newly issued Stay Home, Stay Healthy order, but never fear: we have the solution! Kanopy, available with your Seattle Public Library card, has everything you need for a classic Drive In movie night at home  – including some wonderfully schlocky classic drive-in movie fare. First of all, learn about the history of drive-ins and their revival with a pair of documentaries:

  • At the Drive-In: Saving the Mahoning Drive-In Theater. Unable to purchase a $50,000 digital projector, a group of quirky film fanatics in rural Pennsylvania fight to keep a dying drive-in theater alive by screening only vintage 35mm film prints and working entirely for free. An award-winning underdog story.
  • Going Attractions: The Definitive Story of the American Drive-In Movie. A product of post World War II optimism, the drive-in movie theater emerged as the perfect blend of entertainment and car culture. In light of the recent resurgence of drive-in theaters, this informative documentary studies the factors that affected the drive-in’s dramatic rise, decline and rebirth.

Then check out Kanopy’s other offerings to create your own double feature. In amongst a wealth of classic art house films and award-winning international cinema, lurk some truly forgettable yet indelible B-movies, redolent of the heyday of drive-in cinema. Note: none of these are family films. I’m talking about movies such as…

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Kanopy Has You Covered

Kanopy is a library-provided movie app I have on many devices. I have it on my phone, Apple TV, and our iPad, but it’s not an app I’ve used very often… until now. One of the things I enjoy the most about Kanopy is what it offers breaks me out of my comfort zone. Kanopy also recently offered movies that are credit free viewing so even more incentive to give something new a try.

Thomas Mann and Lily Mae Harrington in Some Freaks (2016)

I recently watched Some Freaks, starring Thomas Mann from Me and  Earl and the Dying Girl, and Lily Mae Harrington, who was amazing to watch. She blew me away. “A charming romance develops between a boy with one eye and an overweight girl, though when she loses her weight after going to college, their relationship is tested in devastating ways they never dreamed would happen” (Kanopy). Multifaceted and real, it went well beyond the idea of a “teen film.”

Jamie Bell in Skin (2018)

This past week my husband and I watched Skin, which to be honest, was intense. “A man makes the dangerous choice to leave the neo-Nazi gang he joined as a teenager. He is determined to start a new life–if he can make it out alive” (Kanopy). This is based on the true story of Bryon Widner featured in the MSNBC documentary Erasing Hate. Philadelphia-based anti-racist activist Daryle Lamont Jenkins, founder of the One People’s Project and Bryon’s wife, Julie were the biggest help in turning his life around. Continue reading “Kanopy Has You Covered”