Horror movies to stream this Halloween weekend

Halloween weekend is upon us! If you’re looking to cozy up with a frightful movie marathon, we’ve got you covered with some streaming scaries – all free to access with your library card, no need to even leave home. (Audience note: most of these films are for adult audiences; please use discretion if watching with younger folks.)

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MeatEater: Your Link to the Food Chain

Steven Rinella grew up in Twin Lake, Michigan and learned to hunt and fish at an early age. This love of hunting and the outdoors has now become quite a career as an author, television personality, podcaster, and conservationist. He breaks the stereotype we have of the “American hunter” – when he explores a subject, he nerds out so spectacularly that I have come to appreciate his level of intellect and extensive research.

The Scavenger’s Guide to Haute Cuisine (2006) – The first book in the Steven Rinella canon. Steven sets out to recreate the recipes from master chef Escoffier’s classic 1903 Le Guide Culinaire to get back to where the history of modern food got its start. Continue reading “MeatEater: Your Link to the Food Chain”

Watch and Read: Sweet Tooth

Those of us who have watched Sweet Tooth know that it’s a show that’s easy to love. The series takes place after an apocalyptic event called “The Great Crumble,” which kills off much of Earth’s human population due to a virus. Babies born in its wake develop certain animal characteristics. Gus, the main protagonist, resembles a deer. These babies are called hybrids, and they are being hunted.

The Bear by Andrew Krivak
Capturing the loving relationship between Gus and his father, this novel tells the story of a father and daughter who live in isolation surrounded by nature and animals. The father teaches his daughter how to survive for they are the last of humankind. Through fables the daughter learns all the necessary skills she needs, with the animals to keep her company, including a very important talking bear. While it has moments of melancholy, it is still a tale of hope.

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The Book Was Better, 2019

It is rare that a movie or TV show is better than the book it is based on. I mean, it happens, but it’s rare.  Yes, some movies live up to or complement their source material, but most of the time they don’t. For starters, let’s take 2019 – remember 2019? – back when we were still going to movie theaters? Ah, seems like ages ago, doesn’t it? Skip these 2019 movies, and read the book (or listen to the audiobook) instead:

Where’d You Go, Bernadette? Cate Blanchett! Richard Linklater! Our fair city and library as a filming location! What could go wrong? A lot, it turns out.

  • The book: “…a compelling composite of a woman’s life—and the way she’s viewed by the many people who share it. …the nuances of mundane interactions are brilliantly captured, and the overarching mystery deepens with each page, until the thoroughly satisfying dénouement.” – Publisher’s Weekly.
  • The movie: “The script is an insult to the principle of adaptation: All that is good in the plot has been excised in favor of the shortest route to a happy ending.” – The New Republic. Rotten Tomatoes: 50%.

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Watch & Read: Ozark

Ozark is one of those shows that is just pure madness – it snakes in on itself in perpetual chaos. No breaks, no ease, just edge of your seat shenanigans the whole time. And I can’t get enough! While we wait for the next season, here are a few items in our collection that will also have you saying, WTF?!

Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell
Bazell gives us a brutal and entertaining rollercoaster ride, punctuated with clever footnotes. His main character, Dr. Peter Brown, is working as an intern in a Manhattan hospital, and his daily encounters of blood and mayhem don’t even come close to his nightmarish past career as a hit man for the mob. Pietro “Bearclaw” Brnwna went into witness protection, changed his name, went to medical school and thought he’d left his past behind. But when patient Nicholas LoBrutto recognizes Dr. Brown, he asks him to help him beat the reaper – or the mob will be told where to find him.

The Nightworkers by Brian Selfon
It’s a family business: Uncle Shecky launders money and teaches his nephew, Henry, and niece, Kerasha, the trade. But everyone has secrets in this family, and when money goes missing, those secrets will rise to the surface. In this exceptionally good crime novel, the characters are developed beautifully and the sense of place truly shines. Just as the Ozarks are a character in that series, so here we delve into the avenues and back alleys of Brooklyn. Continue reading “Watch & Read: Ozark”