Missing the Library? Us, Too…

There’s a good chance you are longing for the days when you could simply walk into the library to pick up a book, watch a DVD, browse the internet or peruse the rest of the endless available services and materials. You’re not alone! So, in the spirit of the library being closed but many services still being accessible, we bring you a list to immerse you back into the wondrous world of libraries (and all things associated with)!

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The Library: A Catalogue of Wonders by Stuart Kells

If you have ever had any inclination to learn about libraries, their history, and what they mean to those around the world then Kell’s book will be a great introduction into the world of a bibliophile. From Kirkus Reviews: “More miscellany than catalog, the book assembles snippets from a wide variety of disciplines into an eclectic history of libraries as cultural, political, aesthetic, literary, mnemonic, and, above all, personal phenomena dedicated to collecting and preserving the written word.” Continue reading “Missing the Library? Us, Too…”

Freegal playlists to stay home and stay healthy with

Spending all day alone in a silent home isn’t easy. Luckily, you can stream plenty of music through Freegal – for free! – with your library card. What’s more, there are some fantastic mixes already curated and available on the platform to accompany your Stay Home, Stay Healthy experience, no matter what you have planned for the day. Let’s explore some Freegal playlists that are perfect for when you are staying home to stay healthy!

Work from Home: The Social Distancing Playlist from Freegal“Working from Home: The Social Distancing Playlist”

This aptly named playlist offers a truly eclectic music selection, featuring artists as diverse as The Backstreet Boys, Carole King, The Offspring, and A Tribe Called Quest. The one thing these 90 songs have in common? From “98.6” to “Wish You Were Here,” their titles share a certain resonance with the theme of social distancing.

“Spring Cleaning”Spring Cleaning playlist from Freegal

Whether or not you are working from home during this time, you may find yourself with far more free time than you know what to do with. If you are taking the opportunity to get some spring cleaning done, this is the playlist for you. At 5 hours, 34 minutes, 55 seconds, it has enough upbeat music from various genres to help you dance your way through a whole day of scrubbing, dusting, and re-organizing closets. Continue reading “Freegal playlists to stay home and stay healthy with”

Hoopla Comics: Tips and Recommendations

Many people are now familiar with Hoopla for music and videos, but it is also an excellent place to download comic books and graphic novels!

The Seattle Public Library doesn’t carry individual issues of comics, but you can find many of them in Hoopla. If there is a hot new title you want to keep up with, Hoopla can be great for that. However, checking out one issue at a time will eat up your 15 monthly checkouts really quick!

To get the most of your 15 monthly checkouts, here a few tips:

  • Don’t check all 15 out at once…there is a good chance you won’t get through them all, and we have a daily system limit, so share the wealth!
  • Look for comics that are Volumes, not Issues. Volumes collect multiple issues, so you will get more bang for your proverbial buck.
  • Right now, during the pandemic, Hoopla is offering Bonus Borrows, great titles that don’t count towards your 15 item limit

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Rock Steady: Brilliant Advice From My Bipolar Life  by Ellen Forney
Ellen Forney is something of a local legend in Seattle comic circles. You may recognize her work from The Stranger, where she had a long running strip called “I Was Seven in ’75”, has done many covers, and for a while illustrated the personal ads! Rock Steady is a great book for anyone dealing with mental illness or just trying to hold it together during these challenging times. Continue reading “Hoopla Comics: Tips and Recommendations”

Blissful Albums in Hoopla

Eleven out of ten times, music can give me comfort when I’m feeling low and can’t motivate myself to do anything else than be mopey. When I hear a song come on that I really enjoy I feel an instant shift in mood; like someone just yanked the recoil start in my brain. Here is a short list of albums I have found to be blissful and helpful given our current situation. During these times of solitude and uncertainty, music prevails at healing our souls and giving us some direction to keep going.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Everything Else Has Gone Wrong.
Bombay Bicycles Clubs 5
th LP titled “Everything Else Has Gone Wrong” is about “finding hope, safety and comfort during times of despair, when everything is crumbling all around you” says BBC frontman Jack Steadman about the title track to the record. He also talks about his anxieties and how putting on headphones makes him feel “a hundred times better”. I wanted to highlight this album in particular because this sounds exactly like what we all need right now. Continue reading “Blissful Albums in Hoopla”

Vegetarian Cooking with Flipster and eCookbooks

Whether you are busier than ever or have found yourself with more time than you ever thought possible, you still need to eat! If you are interested in adding more vegetables to your diet, want to try meatless Mondays, or are just tired of your same old standards, the library has many great digital vegetarian and vegan cooking resources. With your library card, you can access not only electronic cookbooks but excellent cooking magazines using Flipster. Flipster, which is also available as an app, allows you to browse and download full-color, interactive versions of your favorite magazines. There’s no waiting and no limit to the number of downloaded magazines you can have.

Here are a few publications to get you started:

Continue reading “Vegetarian Cooking with Flipster and eCookbooks”