#BookBingoNW2018: First in a Series

2018 Summer Book Bingo is upon us, so let the booklists begin! This list will focus on that pesky category First In A Series. There are many, many beloved series out there, many of them in genre fiction. Hopefully there will be a little something for every reader here.

The Patrick Melrose novels by Edward St. Aubyn are a delightfully savage take on modern British aristocracy. Never Mind starts the series and is included in the omnibus edition of all 5 novels (Showtime is releasing a miniseries based on the novels starring Benedict Cumberbatch). For a lighter, shopaholic take on modern aristocracies, try Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan (also soon to be in film), a voyeuristic look into the lives of China’s uber rich from the perspective of Rachel Chu, the American Born Chinese protagonist and girlfriend to the heir of one of China’s richest families, the Youngs. If snarking about the fabulously rich isn’t your jam, Rachael Cusk stretches the novel to new shapes with Outline, Transit, and Kudos (forthcoming). The novels merge oral history with fiction as a recently divorced woman encounters and listens to the stories of strangers and friends while her apartment is being renovated. Finally, if you haven’t read Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels, starting with My Brilliant Friend, maybe this is the summer to check that off your list. Continue reading “#BookBingoNW2018: First in a Series”

Seattle Public Library’s Most Checked Out Books, 2017

We’re already into 2018, but I can’t resist one more look back at reading in 2017. Do you ever wonder what others in the city are reading? Here’s a sneak peak: lists of the 10 most checked out print books and ebooks. So what was Seattle reading in 2017? We mostly checked out fiction, with 60% of the top print books and 70% of the top ebooks consisting of novels. When we did read nonfiction, it was largely focused either on memoirs, or on books that explored this particular political moment from a sociological view. Four titles appeared on both lists. What about you – were any of these titles on your reading list last year?

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Our Top 10 Children’s Chapter Books, Poetry, and Graphic Novels of 2017

Yesterday, Children’s Services Librarians from The Seattle Public Library shared our favorite picture books of the year – and today, we want to share our ten favorites for children, in the “everything else” category!: chapter books, poetry, and graphic novels.  Enjoy!

Refugee by Alan Gratz
A gripping, timely novel that follows three children – from different time periods and continents – on their harrowing flights from violence and war, seeking refuge with their families. Continue reading “Our Top 10 Children’s Chapter Books, Poetry, and Graphic Novels of 2017”

Our Top 10 Children’s Picture Books of 2017

Children’s Services Librarians from The Seattle Public Library have selected our ten favorite picture books of the year.  Though it’s a challenge to limit ourselves to ten titles (check out our longer list of favorite 2017 picture books), we all responded to the joy in these ten books – each is a celebration: of home and family; of being yourself; of caring for others; and of a fresh haircut!  Enjoy!

Quiet! by Kate Alizadeh
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Our Top 10 Nonfiction Books of 2017

… according to Seattle Public Library adult librarians

Yesterday we listed our librarians’ favorite novels of 2017; today, we present you with the list of our ten favorite nonfiction books published in 2017, from memoirs to essay collections to history and cooking.

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