December Literary Holidays

December may have many holidays for you to celebrate but let me give you a few extra, book-themed holidays to add to your plate. Jólabókaflóð – which translated means “The Book Flood of Christmas” – has been getting a lot of hype recently. In Iceland, the winter months see a large influx of new books … Continue reading “December Literary Holidays”

Book Bingo: Published the Year One of Your Parents Was Born

Listen: when I saw the Book Bingo category “published the year one of your parents was born” the first thing I did was Google “books published in 1950.” I was prepared to tell you of more labyrinthine research processes to help you find a book for this category, but it turns out Google is a … Continue reading “Book Bingo: Published the Year One of Your Parents Was Born”

Summer Book Bingo Returns!

Polish your library card, clean your reading glasses, dust off your Kindle — whatever you need to do — because today Seattle Arts & Lectures and Seattle Public Library launch Summer Book Bingo, the 2017 edition! Pick up a bingo card at any of our Libraries, or print the pdf here. Here’s a brief rundown … Continue reading “Summer Book Bingo Returns!”