Radical Reading for February

~posted by Diane

I’ve always been proud to have been a college student in the 1970’s when the campuses were hotbeds of protest, hippies, and monumental societal change. Those turbulent and triumphant times written about in recent children’s books allow us to relive those moments with awe. Sometimes children’s books are really best appreciated by adults, especially those of us who lived through it all. They also stand as tributes to the sacrifices and heroism deservedly celebrated during Black History Month. So for adults and children alike, here are some suggestions: Continue reading “Radical Reading for February”

Don’t miss these five novels for Black History Month

twelve tribesThe Twelve Tribes of Hattie by Ayana Mathis
Personal stories of the Great Migration come alive through the children and grandchildren (the 12 tribes) of Hattie Shepherd, a woman who left the South in 1923 in hopes of finding a better life in Philadelphia. Continue reading “Don’t miss these five novels for Black History Month”