Beyond the Screen: Free Angela and All Political Prisoners

As a part of the African American Film Series this year, librarians have created some amazing resource lists that can help you take your understanding of the people, places, times and themes these films bring to life beyond the screen. For Douglass-Truth’s upcoming screening of the documentary Free Angela and All Political Prisoners, on Sunday, May 8th at 2 p.m., here are a few books to deepen your experience:

Angela Davis: An AutobiographyFree Angela and All Political Prisoners by Angela Y. Davis
UCLA professor, political activist, former fugitive, communist, and Black Panther Party member Angela Davis describes her remarkable early journey as she became a major American figure in the fight for human rights. Continue reading “Beyond the Screen: Free Angela and All Political Prisoners”

2016 African American Film Series

Tomorrow begins our 2016 African American Film Series, celebrating Black actors, directors and films depicting the rich and varied African American experience. This year we’re showing 28 movies in 14 library locations across the city through June. See the full calendar for further details!


Reading Race: Best Fiction of 2015

When it comes to developing a better understanding of race in America, no tweet, speech or blog post can help us to explore complex realities or inspire empathy and understanding with anything like the thoroughness and subtlety of a good novel. 2015 saw the publication of a wealth of fiction exploring racial issues and realities through a rich variety of styles, outlooks and voices, including satire, tragedy and even suspense. Here is a small sampling of the best fiction on race published last year:

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Reading Race: Best Non-Fiction of 2015

The books we read reflect the interests and concerns of our times, so it is no surprise that 2015 was an important year for non-fiction that delved into race in America. As we struggle to reach better awareness and deeper understanding, few things are quite so helpful as a good book. Beyond merely informing our views, books provide us with grounds for discussion and forums where diverse people can meet and explore our shared interests and concerns, and our diverse outlooks and experiences.

2015 saw the publication of many outstanding non-fiction books involving race: here is a small sampling.

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Movie Mondays: 2013’s Other Black Films

Click here to view Gimme the Loot in the SPL catalog     Click here to view The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete in the SPL catalog     Click here to view Mother of George in the SPL catalog     Click here to view Newlyweeds in the SPL catalog

2013 has been called a banner year for Black film, with the critical and commercial success of 12 Years a SlaveLee Daniels’ The Butler, Fruitvale Station and 42. But, as Slate’s Aisha Harris pointed out in her blog, not all Black films deal with the struggle for civil rights or battles against racism. Here are seven films released in 2013 that you can check out that provide a variety of viewpoints about the Black experience in America. Continue reading “Movie Mondays: 2013’s Other Black Films”