Oh, doggone it!

Dogs can completely change the way we feel—for the better. They are funny, loving, and intelligent. Canine companions live in an estimated 63 million U.S. homes, so it’s no wonder stories, movies, and videos featuring dogs have always been big hits. Let’s not forget our own local legend, the public-transit-riding dog, Eclipse, who rides the bus throughout Seattle (except during quarantine, of course). Today, we are going to look at three dog-related titles that highlight the amazing lives of dogs and those who live with, rely on, and love them.

The Art of Racing in the Rain book cover imageThe Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

This is one of those stories, told through the eyes (and voice) of a dog, that simply works. Enzo is a dog who sees the world for what it is and would love to speak his mind directly to those around him, but cannot. However, we are lucky enough to get an inside look at his joys and frustrations surrounding the life of his human family. Publisher’s Weekly notes: “Stein’s tale of family, loss, redemption, and fast cars—recounted entirely from the perspective of a retriever-terrier mix named Enzo—ups the ante on the recent trend of high-concept anthropomorphism in popular fictions.” Continue reading “Oh, doggone it!”

Missing the Library? Us, Too…

There’s a good chance you are longing for the days when you could simply walk into the library to pick up a book, watch a DVD, browse the internet or peruse the rest of the endless available services and materials. You’re not alone! So, in the spirit of the library being closed but many services still being accessible, we bring you a list to immerse you back into the wondrous world of libraries (and all things associated with)!

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The Library: A Catalogue of Wonders by Stuart Kells

If you have ever had any inclination to learn about libraries, their history, and what they mean to those around the world then Kell’s book will be a great introduction into the world of a bibliophile. From Kirkus Reviews: “More miscellany than catalog, the book assembles snippets from a wide variety of disciplines into an eclectic history of libraries as cultural, political, aesthetic, literary, mnemonic, and, above all, personal phenomena dedicated to collecting and preserving the written word.” Continue reading “Missing the Library? Us, Too…”

Hoopla and Chill (with Penguins)

It seems that the penguin is still a huge mystery to some. Penguins are some of the coolest (no pun intended) creatures around, but the majority of us never have any first-hand experience with them. This is usually due to geographical limitations; however, with our current climate of being stuck indoors, we can now digitally travel to three different worlds to experience these amazing and unique birds thanks to Hoopla.

Australian Penguins (2017)

Follow a group of Little Penguins, the only penguins to live and breed in Australia, that get into some wild and funny adventures. With most of these penguins in the film being rescued from hard times: injuries, being abandoned at birth or living as orphans – you can’t help but root for them in this wonderful story that illustrates how Australia’s Discovery Centre gives them a renewed chance to enjoy life. Also, for a limited time, this title is eligible to be borrowed without using one of your monthly credits through Hoopla’s Bonus Borrows Collection so act fast! Continue reading “Hoopla and Chill (with Penguins)”