Bus Reads for April

First off, I moved to Tacoma. I gotta say I never thought I’d move from Seattle, but life happens and between rent increases and a boy I made the plunge to the sassy sister to the south! One of the many highlights of my move has actually been my bus commute. That’s not something you hear every day, but the 90 minutes now has become my quiet time to devour books and devour them I have. The plan is to share my plethora of reading with you, which seems to be about four ebooks a month at this point and I average about 80 pages a trip. I’ll attempt to stay away from books that have already been posted and best sellers because really they get enough attention. Enjoy the ride!

A Trip to the Stars Find A Trip to the Stars in the SPL catalogby Nicholas Christopher was a wonderful read. The connections the author uses to unite characters while they are separated from each other was beautiful and magical. The chapters go back and forth between the nephew that is ‘lost’ yet found and the aunt who struggles to find herself after her nephew goes missing. I was completely enthralled with each page and the secondary characters added another level of interest. It was a bit longer than I usually grab for a bus book, but so very worth it. Continue reading “Bus Reads for April”

Paralyzed by anticipation

The book is sitting on my bedside table.  Its been there, unopened, for two weeks already. I pick it up every evening. It mesmerizes me. And it paralyzes me.

For my entire adult life I’ve been reading Terry Pratchett.  His amazingly inventive sardonic wit has caused me endless embarrassment as I laughed out loud in restaurants, on planes/trains/buses and once while walking down the street.  Jingo was the first book I thought of immediately after 9/11.  And my daughter has literally grown up with Tiffany Aching.

So why is I Shall Wear Midnight causing me such distress?  Pratchett has a rare form of early Alzheimer’s. I don’t know if he will ever write another book. Perhaps I will never again have the wonderful thrill of opening a new book by my favorite author. So the book sits unopened. And messes with my mind.