The Vietnam War: Essential Accounts

There is no single story of the Vietnam War. In our second of four lists commemorating the premiere of Ken Burns’ and Lynn Novick’s ten part documentary series on the Vietnam War, we feature twenty-five memoirs and personal accounts of the War and its aftermath, representing a wide array of experiences and voices. Here are some highlights.

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The Vietnam War: Essential History

As our city and our nation tunes in to the premiere presentation of Ken Burns’ and Lynn Novick’s ten part documentary series on the Vietnam War, interest is spiking in books and films that explore the War and the era from all angles. In the first of a four part series featuring lists including one hundred works of history, memoir, fiction and film, we suggest some of the best historical overviews of the Vietnam War.

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Book Bingo: A Book You Own, but Have Never Read

 – Posted by Sarah W.

Book Bingo Owned Never ReadThis summer The Seattle Public Library, in partnership with Seattle Arts & Lectures, is excited to offer a summer reading program for adults called Summer Book Bingo! In order to help you along on your quest to complete your bingo sheet, we have pulled together some book suggestions based on each category. Follow this series throughout the summer!

Why is it that so many books sit gathering dust on my shelf? Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew – a buying frenzy at the local bookstore leaves me with more volumes on my nightstand than I can manage in that hour or so before sleep. But there are usually other factors at play. Maybe there is an author I like, but the book I bought is a departure from what they usually write (and what I usually read). Continue reading “Book Bingo: A Book You Own, but Have Never Read”

Learning history from comic books

 I didn’t think I was a fan of comic books, but after reading Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, my view of comic books completely changed.”I found that the comic book format particularly makes learning history more enjoyable due to its lively pictures and brief narrative.

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About Time: Shaping the Nation

1776 by David McCullough
Pulitzer prize winning historian McCullough brings a fresh perspective to a pivotal and turbulent year in our country’s founding, focusing on the two famous Georges as well as the troops on both sides.

Ladies of Liberty: The Women who Shaped our Nation by Cokie Roberts
Based on personal letters and journals, this readable narrative looks at the roles played by some women – including Abigail Adams and Sacajawea – who were significant in our country’s development.

Mr. Lincoln’s T-mails: The Untold Story of How Abraham Lincoln Used the Telegraph to Win the Civil War by Tom Wheeler
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