Seattle Rep’s ‘The Great Society’

by Andrea G.

Robert Schenkkan’s play All the Way, about Lyndon Baines Johnson’s first term as president, won the Tony Award. The Seattle Repertory Theatre commissioned and now premieres Schenkkan’s The Great Society, which dramatizes LBJ’s second term of office. A master politician, LBJ focused on passing some of the most ambitious social programs in U.S. history, including a war on poverty and continuing civil rights legislation. The Great Society dramatizes these accomplishments in contrast to his fall from grace as the Vietnam War spiraled out of control.
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Seattle Rep’s ‘All the Way’ and the legacy of Lyndon Baines Johnson


by Andrea
In 1963, John F. Kennedy was assassinated and Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson was launched into the presidency. In his Tony Award winner for Best Play, playwright Robert Schenkkan dramatizes Johnson’s first year in office. Creating a vivid portrait of a brilliant politician and flawed man, All the Way brings to life Johnson’s passionate engagement with Civil Rights legislation, and hints at the looming complications of the Vietnam War. Continue reading “Seattle Rep’s ‘All the Way’ and the legacy of Lyndon Baines Johnson”

For Writers: Getting The Historical Details Right

writeby Andrea
There is no one season for writing, but often the fall feels like a time of rededication – students back to school, weather which encourages staying indoors, even National Novel Writing Month in November if sprint writing is your thing. To help you refocus, through November the Library is offering a variety of free workshops and panel discussions on the craft of writing and the process of self- publishing.

But you know what? We also have a ton of cool books and other items to help inspire you, verify details, and tell your story. Check out these companion lists:

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Seattle Cooks: Canning and Fermenting

Posted by Andrea G.

It’s time to get canning, pickling, and fermenting, and preserve some of that market fresh goodness for the rest of the year. Also, you’re a grown-up; it’s time to start eating – and enjoying – turnips!!

Brined Baby Turnips
   —  Adapted from Saving the Season by Kevin West

Yields 1 quart

saving the seasonIngredients

2 quarts bottled water

3 oz salt

2 lbs small turnips, with their greens (recommended: all-white Japanese-style globe turnips, like the ones pictured below)

1 tbsp dried chili flakes

2 cloves garlic

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