Romantic Wednesdays: Angels Among Us

~Posted by Marlene H.

Everyone falls in love. Even angels. Or at least that’s the way it works in paranormal romance. If demons are the ultimate bad boys (and girls) then angels are almost too good to be capable of falling for a simple mortal. Except that in angel romances, of course they do.

Sometimes the good guys know just how, and when, to be a little bit bad.

archangel by sharon shinnArchangel by Sharon Shinn is the first book of her Samaria series. It’s also the first specifically “angel” romance that I remember reading. It’s a bit science fiction/futuristic, but that only adds to the otherworldly feeling of the story (and the romance). This is a future where science, faith and force of will gathered together to create a perfect society. The problem with perfect societies, even when angels watch over it, is that perfect societies are filled with flawed human beings. When corruption threatens the peace, the powers that be search for a way to blend angel and human, so they decree that the new Archangel must marry a human woman named Rachel. Nothing decrees that they fall in love. Continue reading “Romantic Wednesdays: Angels Among Us”