Art Books in Nature

West Seattle’s Camp Long will be hosting another fabulous event Aug 20-21. Visit the park to walk in the woods, witness musical performances across diverse genres, or participate in art activities, writing workshops and open mics, juggling, costumed hikes through the forest, and naturalist events. The festival also features the “Museum of Sound” where artists will occupy Camp Long’s eight rustic cabins with installations of sound, music and art. For two whole days Camp Long will be a hotbed of creative energy sure to inspire artists and nonartists alike. Continue reading “Art Books in Nature”

A Rich and Ripe Bounty: Northwest Arts and Artists

Click here to view the resource listTraveler, the season is ripe. Ripe for taking in an abundance of art. Artists abound and their work is to be found in, near and far from Seattle.

This summer, on any given weekend, you can attend any number of art fairs and festivals as well as art walks. Did you know that Pioneer Square’s First Thursday Art walk was the first in the nation? See for yourself how this concept has grown legs across the region! Continue reading “A Rich and Ripe Bounty: Northwest Arts and Artists”

Peculiar Nonfiction

~posted by Frank

Nonfiction is vast. When you look beyond cookbooks and biographies, you’ll find some niche titles that you may not have known there was an audience for. Here are some of the most singular works of nonfiction published in the past year; perhaps one of these oddball titles is just the one for you.

History fans should check out Bog Bodies Uncoveredwhich explores the well-preserved bodies buried in bogs two thousand years ago throughout Northern Europe. There’s also Ivory Vikingswhich tells the story of the Viking Empire through the discovery of a 12th century walrus ivory chess set on a Scottish beach in the early 1800s. Continue reading “Peculiar Nonfiction”

Night of Disguise at SAM

Neo Primitive
Neo Primitivism 2, 2007–14, Brendan Fernandes (Kenya/Canada, b. 1979), 12 fiberglass animals, resin masks, dimensions variable, loan from the artist. © Brendan Fernandes, photo courtesy of the artist.

Join The Seattle Public Library’s social media team at The Seattle Art Museum for a ‘Night of Disguise‘ and have some incognito fun on Friday, June 19, from 7 to 11 p.m. Buy tickets here and use discount code twitterdisguise0619 to get $5 off.

The Library has plenty of resources to help you prepare for the exhibition! Browse our African masks and art quick picks online, place a hold on the exhibition’s companion book or explore more from SAM at the Library. Stop by the 8th floor of the Central Library to peruse some of our hand-picked, thematic reference material, leading up to the opening night.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter for more updates and live coverage of the event. Follow @iheartsam on Twitter for real-time tweets from our social media team and other guest tweeters during the party! Continue reading “Night of Disguise at SAM”

A Pacific Northwest Gem: Bill Holm and Northwest Coast Indian Art: An Analysis of Form

By Rebecca

NorthwestCoast-Holm-imageBill Holm’s Northwest Coast Indian Art: An Analysis of Form was the first work to systematically organize and describe this unique type of American art. First published in 1965, it has since become a foundational text for students, scholars, artists and others interested in learning about Northwest Coast Native American* art history, designs, structures and techniques. Holm established a lexicon for describing and discussing elements of this school of art, a vocabulary that is still used and continually developed by scholars today. (Perhaps the most notable term Holm coined is “formline.”)

Holm, who turns 90 this year, is the author of eight books on Northwest Coast Native art and currently Professor Emeritus of Art History at the University of Washington and Curator Emeritus of Northwest Coast Indian Art at the Burke Museum, where the Center for the Study of Northwest Coast Art is named in his honor.  Continue reading “A Pacific Northwest Gem: Bill Holm and Northwest Coast Indian Art: An Analysis of Form”