Expand Your Thinking with Exploration Guides

Artist credit: Tanaya Sharma via Amplifier.org

It’s incredible how quickly you can get pulled into the flurry of online research once an idea, topic or celebrity captures your interest. You start with one tab open on your browser, then suddenly you have fourteen open, and you can’t remember how that Wikipedia article on watering hydrangeas led you to an interpretative dance video about Ada Lovelace. Okay, okay, I made that trail up, but I bet you could find the overlap if you put your mind to it!

Happily, you need not venture into these rabbit holes of curiosity all alone anymore! Your friendly and inquisitive Seattle Public Library staff have thoughtfully curated resources from the library and around the web, weaving together art, poetry, science, activism, history and more in unique explorations of some pretty cool subjects!

Exploration Guides are for students of all ages (adults, too!), but were Continue reading “Expand Your Thinking with Exploration Guides”

Tears and Fears: Making Sense of Emotions with Kids

Helping your little one recognize and respond to the tumult of emotions they may be experiencing at any given time is no easy task, especially during the full wrath of a grocery-store tantrum! Taking time to name your child’s feelings or, better yet, providing them the space to name their feelings themselves, is just one aspect of your child’s emotional literacy development. These recently-published picture books for young kids can help you talk with your child about all those valid and complex feelings bouncing around inside.

My Heart Fills with Happiness
by Monique Gray Smith, illustrated by Julie Flett
Recommended for ages 0+
This is beautiful board book that teaches the very youngest to cherish those everyday moments that bring joy to our lives. It may very well be a welcome reminder for older readers, too.

When the Anger Ogre Visits
by Andrée Salom, illustrated by Ivette Salom
Recommended for ages 3+
We can all recall a moment of anger when something didn’t go our way, and it was probably more recent than we’d like to admit. That anger ogre can quickly grow out of control unless we know how to tame it. You’ll enjoy this book for more than just the cute story because it introduces practical calming strategies to help kids reshape their anger into something more gentle. Continue reading “Tears and Fears: Making Sense of Emotions with Kids”

Know Your Rights: Intellectual Freedom & Libraries

The public library as an institution is charged with providing access to information, regardless of content. In doing so, the library stands firm in upholding the First Amendment and the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights. This is why, as Jo Godwin famously stated, “A truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone.”

The Seattle Public Library strives to meet the widest range of information needs through the careful and intentional selection of physical and digital items by librarians, by borrowing resources from a network of library systems throughout the country, and with purchase requests from you, our library patrons. If there is some piece of information that we don’t have, library staff will try to find it with you.

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Cultivating a Love of Nature with Children

The clouds are disappearing and the temperatures are warming, which means the summer months are just within reach in the Pacific Northwest! Take a book or two along as you and your kiddos head to the park or the beach. You’ll satisfy the curiosity of those little scientists and enhance your family’s appreciation for our astounding natural world. Just take care to keep those library books from falling into Puget Sound!

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn by Kenard Pak
Recommended for ages 2+
Revel in the warm glow of these stunning illustrations as you and your child read about summer’s gradual transition to autumn. The main character chats easily with the elements and creatures of the natural world, creating a sense of friendliness and compassion between humans and nature. Continue reading “Cultivating a Love of Nature with Children”