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Know Your Rights: Intellectual Freedom & Libraries

The public library as an institution is charged with providing access to information, regardless of content. In doing so, the library stands firm in upholding the First Amendment and the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights. This is why, as … Continue reading

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Ethnic Studies: Banned

This past August, a federal judge lifted a ban on a Mexican-American ethnic studies program at the Tucson Unified School District. The decision came after a group of students sued, arguing the ban was overly broad, discriminatory, and violated their … Continue reading

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Join us for the 4th Annual Banned! Books in Drag

In September, libraries put up their Banned Books Week displays that highlight the freedom to read, because every year books are challenged and banned due to their content. Books that explore themes of race, sexuality and gender are often the … Continue reading

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LGBTQ: Banned & Challenged Books

During Banned Books Week, we highlight the importance of the Freedom to Read. But what does that mean, exactly? While we welcome patron comments about materials in our collection, upholding intellectual freedom means we believe our collection should have something … Continue reading

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Banned! Books in Drag

The Seattle Public Library is very excited for our upcoming event “Banned! Books in Drag” that will be taking place on September 27, 2014 at Neighbours Nightclub on Capitol Hill. This free event will be hosted by The Stranger’s associate editor … Continue reading

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Book Banning Lives!

Librarians, almost universally, are hostile to the idea of denying access to information. Every year, we honor the survival of literature against the onslaught of book banners and information suppressors with displays and programming to call the community’s attention to … Continue reading

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Banned Book-of-the-Month Club presents: Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury

Each September, libraries observe Banned Books Week, celebrating the freedom to read. How about the rest of the year? Welcome to Shelf Talk’s Banned Book-of-the-Month Club! Our inaugural selection is a novel about banning books: Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. Why … Continue reading

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