Lumpen London

Click here to view Lucky Bunny in the SPL catalogThe loveable con artist is a staple of British literature.  Lucky Bunny by Jill Dawson fits the pattern, but with a whip smart female protagonist who comes full circle from stealing from doorsteps to keep her little brother fed, to taking part in the heist of the century to escape from an abusive husband with her daughter.  Along the way she teams with other women to carry shoplifting to a high art and turn fleecing older gentlemen into an act of mercy.  Can she really abandon a career that’s this much fun? Continue reading “Lumpen London”

Summer Reading: Reviews from Beacon Hill Readers

The World in Half by Christina Henriquez

A young woman searches for her Panamanian father. Raised by her American mother, she has thought she was the result of an affair. Heartbreak/triumph, self-discovery, bi-culturalism — Very good!      ~ Suzanne

Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín

A deceptively subtle book, masterfully describing the inner life of a young Irish woman who emigrates to Brooklyn in the 1950s. Rarely is daily life, thought and feeling evoked so compellingly. ~ Lynn

Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez

A gripping story of love, obsession, perseverance and unlikely ultimate triumph. A journey from youth to adulthood to old age. Never-ending hope bears fruit even in the worst of times. ~ Sally

The Financial Lives of the Poets by Jess Walter

A book very much of its time and place – post mortgage crisis America. It traces the funny/sad/desperate decline and fall of a middle-aged financial journalist. ~ Lynn

Still Alice by Lisa Genova

An emotional and scary journey into early onset Alzheimer’s Disease from the patient’s point of view. A story of family strength, unity and love. ~ Sally

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