Ale Yeah!

My dad’s favorite beer was Schmidt – during football games or working in the garage, that was his go-to drink of choice. Occasionally he might add some tomato juice, but more often than not it was just that simple can with a fish on the label. Camping in my twenties I often grabbed a pack of Rolling Rock or Corona, but I don’t think I started to appreciate beer until I met my husband. Born in Michigan, he was exposed to more floral notes of the hop rather than bitter. I didn’t like IPAs at all until he had me try Bell’s Two Hearted…a smile came to my face when I saw it too had a fish on the label. Not sure dad would have cared for it, but it taught me to discover I had a palate. Now drinking beer is all about trying and discovering. My local favorites are Dystopian’s Coconut Cream Ale and Georgetown’s Gusto Crema. Outside of state lines I’ve fallen for Founder’s Green Zebra as my go to gose; for a stout, Perennial nails it with their Abraxas; for a shandy, Short’s does it for me with their Soft Parade, and Riverbend kills it with their Milkshake IPAs…Hawaiian Crunch is calling my name right now! And now I know no matter where I go, I’ll find something I enjoy.

For those that can’t hit the road right now for a beer tour here are a few books to get some studying in before your beer imbibing adventure begins!

Tasting Cider: The Cidercraft Guide to Distinctive Flavors of North American Hard Cider by Erin James Continue reading “Ale Yeah!”

What to Eat with your Beer for the Super Bowl

~posted by Frank

It’s Super Bowl weekend. If you’re a football fan, it’s time to grab a beer and settle in for the game. If you’re a Seahawks fan, you may want to drown your sorrows in a beer. If you’re not a football fan, what better way to pass the time than with a beer? Here are six books that elevate beer as a sophisticated drink to pair with food. Continue reading “What to Eat with your Beer for the Super Bowl”

Books + Beer = Booktoberfest!

Some things are just meant to go together. Strawberries & Shortcake. Peaches & Herb. Pumpkin Spice & Everything. To these time honored pairings we add what could well become our new favorite: Books & Beer. This October you’ll find librarians visiting pubs and bars all across this great city, for Seattle Public Library’s inaugural Booktoberfest.booktoberfest_banner575

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