Election Season: Required Viewing

It’s safe to say that this election season is shaping up to be unlike any other in recent memory. Candidates are angry. Voters are angry, and frustrated. These three films – two features and a documentary – help us understand how we’ve gotten to this point. Continue reading “Election Season: Required Viewing”

Reading Race: Best Fiction of 2015

When it comes to developing a better understanding of race in America, no tweet, speech or blog post can help us to explore complex realities or inspire empathy and understanding with anything like the thoroughness and subtlety of a good novel. 2015 saw the publication of a wealth of fiction exploring racial issues and realities through a rich variety of styles, outlooks and voices, including satire, tragedy and even suspense. Here is a small sampling of the best fiction on race published last year:

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Reading Race: Best Non-Fiction of 2015

The books we read reflect the interests and concerns of our times, so it is no surprise that 2015 was an important year for non-fiction that delved into race in America. As we struggle to reach better awareness and deeper understanding, few things are quite so helpful as a good book. Beyond merely informing our views, books provide us with grounds for discussion and forums where diverse people can meet and explore our shared interests and concerns, and our diverse outlooks and experiences.

2015 saw the publication of many outstanding non-fiction books involving race: here is a small sampling.

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