October Takeover: DIY Ghost Tours: Guidebooks for your Local Ghosts

~posted by Blythe S.

Have you ever wondered who is haunting your neighborhood? Ghost have purportedly taken up residence in a number of bars, theaters, restaurants, stores, parks and other places in Seattle–enough to create entire guidebooks on the subject.

Find Spooked in Seattle in the SPL CatalogFind Ghosts of Seattle in the SPL CatalogFind Ghosts Hunter's Guide to Seattle in the SPL CatalogFind Pacific Northwest Haunts in the SPL CatalogFind Washington's Haunted Hotspots in the SPL Catalog

During October a number of worthy ghost tours are offered to guide you through dark, damp streets. You will pop into establishments, and peek through windows, hoping to spot something unusual while listening to a guide give you the lowdown on the undead.  But if you want to avoid the skittish screamers and loud disbelievers, or simply explore an area without a tour, you can design your own. Continue reading “October Takeover: DIY Ghost Tours: Guidebooks for your Local Ghosts”

Build a Bob Book at the Library on Saturday!

The beloved Bob Books are often a starting place for many families with new readers. Join us this Saturday, November 3, at 2 p.m. at the Central Library to meet Lynn Kertell, the current author of the Bob Books! These books help children practice the fundamental skills of learning how to read. Continue reading “Build a Bob Book at the Library on Saturday!”

Comics Count! — newly independent readers and the world of comics

This Saturday at 2 p.m. is our third program for emerging readers this fall at the Central Library — and this week is all about comics! Comics for new readers, you say? But we want kids reading words, not looking at pictures! What are you saying? Continue reading “Comics Count! — newly independent readers and the world of comics”

Science at the Library for your new reader

This weekend the Central Library will be hosting the Pacific Science Center’s Super Cool Science Show (Saturday, October 20, at 2 p.m.) where liquid nitrogen will take center stage in a variety of fun demonstrations. What does an exciting science show have to do with literacy and your new reader? A lot, actually, I’m glad you asked. Continue reading “Science at the Library for your new reader”

Do you have an emerging reader in your family?

When kids enter elementary school, their brains are just ready to learn how to read. Some kids seem to get it right off the bat, but others need more practice. But how can we help our children when they seem reluctant to practice their skills? As it turns out, reading and literacy can be a part of your family’s daily life in more ways than you might think.

This Saturday, bring your emerging reader, aged five to eight, to the Central Library at 2 p.m. to meet Laura McGee Kvasnosky, author of the early reader series Zelda and Ivy. In addition to hearing Laura read a story, families will be shown how to write a story themselves—a family story. Motivation is a huge part of reading, and what better motivation than getting to be the star of the story? Continue reading “Do you have an emerging reader in your family?”