January Question of the Month – an irregular series

 bnr_askaquestionthumbnailThe reference librarians at Seattle Public Library are pretty darn amazing. They don’t know everything, instead they know where to find everything. As part of an irregular series of posts we salute the talented and dedicated reference staff at your local library. Names and other identifying information have been removed from the questions we showcase. Got a stumper?
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 I have to do a research paper on Boogie-Woogie, which is a Genre of music, and a branch of jazz, could you help me with that?

 We have one book in our collection titled:

Left Hand Like God the Story of Boogie Woogie PianoA Left hand Like God: a History of Boogie-Woogie Piano by Peter  Silvester

Otherwise, here are some other choices which include a chapter on your subject:
Jazz: New Perspectives on the History of Jazz by Nat  Hentoff
Jazzmen by Frederic Ramsey
A New History of Jazz  by Alyn Shipton (It has a 10 page history of Boogie-Woogie)

From Spirituals to Swing

You might want to check out  a   1938 concert recording of the famous  From Spirituals to Swing concert that really launched boogie-woogie with the main public (as opposed to the hipper crowd, earlier).

It’s in the Library catalog, along with The Rough Guide to Classic Jazz, which has Pinetop Smith’s Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie, which was a hit in 1929 and is also one of the catalysts of the music.

Sadly, Pinetop Smith lived the classic jazz life and tragically died from misplaced gunfire at a saloon he was playing in.

Google Books searches old music magazines and if  want to enter names like Albert Ammons, Continue reading “January Question of the Month – an irregular series”