#BookBingoNW2022: Non-binary/genderqueer/two-spirit author or character

Happy Pride and Summer Book Bingo, y’all! Gender can be messy and wonderful and specific and fluid; a source of anxiety for some and self-contentment for others. These authors and their characters, stories, and poems explore the infinite spectrum of human identities and experiences.

Maia Kobabe’s cathartic graphic memoir Gender Queer follows eir exploration of self, including how to come out as non-binary and ace, bonding with friends over queer slashfic, and the tumult and confusion that accompany adolescent crushing.

In their latest collection of poetry, Homie, Danez Smith reflects on the intersections of personal loss, race, and queerness.

The nine stories of the debut collection Manywhere by Morgan Thomas witness Southern queer and genderqueer characters tenaciously finding themselves reflected in the annals of history.

Jonny Appleseed from Joshua Whitehead sees young two-spirit indigiqueer Jonny prepare to return to the rez for his step-father’s funeral, struggling to reconcile his many worlds.

The first novella of the Tensorate series, Neon Yang’s The Black Tides of Heaven intently unfurls its tapestry, with a mysterious magic system, and both personal and political tensions growing in a kingdom where youth are agender until choosing for themselves.

Hari Ziyad chronicles their tumultuous life experiences in Black Boy Out of Time, often characterized by what the Ziyad terms “misafropedia,” or “the anti-Black disdain for children and childhood that Black youth experience.”

Checkout this staff list for more queer reads! Book Bingo NW 2022: Non-binary/genderqueer/two-spirit author or character

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~ posted by Mychal L.

#BookBingoNW2022: First book by an author, most recent book by same author

This year’s adult book bingo issues one compound challenge, two squares that can be filled by reading the first book by an author, and then the most recent book by the same author. It’s a neat challenge – do you go with an author who has been writing for 40+ years? A newer author still getting started? Below are some suggestions for possible combinations.

Louise Erdrich’s first book, the award-winning Love Medicine (1984), is a collection of interconnected short stories that explore the closely connected lives of two extended families living in and around a North Dakota Ojibwe reservation. Erdrich’s latest is The Sentence (2022), set in a small Minneapolis bookstore from November 2019-November 2020 as new employee Tookie must figure out why the store is being haunted by its most annoying customer, recently deceased. Continue reading “#BookBingoNW2022: First book by an author, most recent book by same author”

#BookBingoNW2022: Read Outside!

Are you ready to get outside? We’re jumping into this Book Bingo square right away, because it is without doubt the easiest one there is. You can literally read anything you feel like, including whatever books you’ve already been planning to read: just read that book outside. Of course the trick around here is that the weather needs to cooperate.

Image of people reading in the sun, courtesy Megan Trace via Flickr

Yesterday – Sunday, May 21 – was that magical day when the clouds cleared and we finally broke 70 degrees. Long range forecasts are for an unusually sunny June; perhaps with such a cold, rainy spring, we got our legendary June Gloom out of the way early. Sure, there is still some drizzle in the forecast, so the trick for reading outdoors in Seattle is to be prepared. Yes, a well-stocked eReader works, and your library offers hundreds of thousands of eBooks for you to download, but we suggest having a pocket-sized paperback handy, so that when that unexpected sunbreak hits you can switch off your phone and race outdoors to lose yourself in some good old analog reading bliss. Here are a variety of pocket-sized paperbacks, to get you stocked up. Continue reading “#BookBingoNW2022: Read Outside!”

Adult Summer Reading Book Bingo NW 2022 Starts TODAY!

Today is the day–Wednesday, May 18th is the start of our 8th Year of Summer Book Bingo with our amazing partner Seattle Arts & Lectures!

The bingo card artwork by local artist Jorge Villavicencio highlights the Library’s Year of Wonder theme with vibrant, whimsical balloons, kites, and reading aliens from outer space to help set the tone of your reading adventure!

Between now and Tuesday, September 6th, you can keep track of your summer reading with the goals of either getting a line of Bingo (a line across, down, or diagonal) or Blackout (filling every square on the board) and submit your entry by September 6th to be entered into a drawing for a gift certificate to a local independent book store, provided by a generous donation from the Friends of The Seattle Public Library, or to enter into the Blackout drawing for a chance to win a subscription to the 2022/2023 SAL series of your choice! Continue reading “Adult Summer Reading Book Bingo NW 2022 Starts TODAY!”