Here a blog, there a blog — keeping up on children’s literature

Looking for ways to keep up on the latest in children’s literature? Here are five of our favorite blogs that can help you with that:

  • Link to Nerds Book One in SPL catalog
    Nerds -- a featured September title on the Book Dads blog.

    Book Dads
    This blog by three dads highlights books that show fatherhood in a positive light. Book Dads includes book reviews, spotlights authors and interviews, gives advice and resources for dads to help promote reading to their children, and provides parenting resources for dads

  • Abby the Librarian
    On this blog you’ll find library programs, book reviews, details of what a children’s librarian does all day, and Abby’s thoughts about librarianship and anything book- or library-related.
  • Jen Robinson’s Book Page
    This blog helps people encourage children to love books, through book reviews, literacy news and a bi-weekly Growing Bookworms email newsletter.
  • Six Boxes of Books
    Three sisters (Wendy, Laurie and Kathleen) talk about books. Wendy is a nurse in Seattle. Laurie is a middle school librarian in Seattle. Kathleen works in an elementary school in Portland.

    Children's book Fall Apples
    Fall Apples, one of five great books for fall featured on Anastasia Suen's book blog.
  • Five Great Books
    Anastasia Suen, author of 129 books for children and adults, a literacy blogger, and a former teacher (to name just a few of her many talents) writes this blog that lists great books for children beginning to read.

And if this makes you want to learn about even more blogs here are more lists to excite you about books. These lists are all taken from the KidLitosphere Central site: Children’s and Young Adult Literature, Author and Illustrator blogs andPublisher/Editor Group blogs.

~ Cass M. and Mary P., children’s services librarians 

Christmas Stories and Poems.

A doodle by BradHaving a hard time getting in the holiday spirit? Gather round and listen to some heartwarming holiday tales and poems. My new favorite blog is USEDBUYER 2.0, a delightful collection of essays, doodles, reviews, clerihews, quotations, observations and all manner of wonderfulness from out of the mind of Brad Craft, used book buyer for the University Bookstore. It is also one of the very best places I know to get your Christmas on!  If you missed Brad’s readings of Truman Capote’s A Christmas Memory, you can hear some great poems and stories for the season right here. I also had the opportunity to read a Christmas poem on NPR’s All Things Considered this week: have a listen.

Appreciating Book Bloggers

Did you know we’re smack in the middle of Book Blogger’s Appreciation Week? Yuh-huh. So let me take this opportunity to appreciate a recent arrival on the scene that really fills a gap in the local blogosphere: Reading Local Seattle. Started by up this past July by local author Matt Briggs as a sibling of Reading Local Portland in what we hope will be the beginning of a more widespread movement of local literary sites, Reading Local Seattle (is it too early to call it RLS?) is a gathering place for information and opinion on “locally produced literature, zines, pamphlets, blogs, novels, chapbooks, poetry, performance and anything else concerned with the written or spoken Image of a woman reading at Bauhause Coffee courtesy of Jennifer Conley via Flickrword.” You can read more about the site’s Puget Sound-wide plans in their first post, and be sure and link up and subscribe to their feed while you’re there – this could be just the sort of  hangout that our bookish city deserves. See you there.