Home for the Holidays

Have you ever wanted to explore the history behind some of Seattle’s unique bungalow homes? This month we launched a new digital collection featuring the iconic Bungalow Magazine that lets you do just that.

Bungalow Magazine was published in Seattle between 1912 and 1918 and features homes constructed in the Puget Sound region and other west coast locales. The founder and editor for the initial years was an entrepreneur named Jud Yoho. Yoho also served as the architect behind some of Bungalow’s featured designs. This magazine popularized the bungalow house form and the aesthetic of the Arts and Crafts Style as it was interpreted in the Northwest. Articles about particular houses in Seattle were regular features as well as measured drawings for inglenooks, sideboards, stools and other furniture. Some issues also include photographs taken by Webster and Stevens, a prominent local photography firm. Continue reading “Home for the Holidays”

Bungalow Nation

Bungalow Fair
Bungalow Fair

I love craftsman bungalows. I love the open floor plans, the overhanging eaves with the knee braces, the porches with the pillars, the classic bungalow interior wall with a fireplace flanked by windows and built-in bookcases, the nooks and crannies, the stained glass, wood, stone and tile work, the sconces and the chandeliers. What’s not to love?

And fortunately, I don’t have to go to California to see them, as Seattle is a hotbed of the bungalow style. To realize this, you only have to take a drive or a home tour of Wallingford or Ravenna or Montlake, or hit the Sunday paper real estate section for open houses of bungalows for sale.

For those of you into bungalows, Historic Seattle is hosting their 11th annual Bungalow Fair on September 27-28 at Town Hall Seattle at 1119 8th Avenue. This is a great opportunity for you to learn about and ask questions to experts about early twentieth century architecture and Arts & Crafts period furniture and decoration. The event includes a variety of lectures, as well as a show and sale of antiques and new work by 50 leading craftspeople in metal, tile, glass, textiles, ceramics, and lighting. Don’t be surprised if all of this information and all of those goodies inspire you to start that bungalow renovation project Continue reading “Bungalow Nation”