Bus Reads for July

American Housewife: Stories by Helen Ellis is an entertaining and hilarious take on the ups and downs of domesticity. These twelve stories take you from disputes of interior design to suggestions on how to be a grown-ass lady to a stream of consciousness in the day in the life of housewifedom. Some of the stories were definitely relatable, even to a non-housewife like myself. I’ve recommended this book to a plethora of women in my life; you may need to add this to your women-focused book club! Continue reading “Bus Reads for July”

Bus Reads for June

The commute from hell? Hardly. Here are some titles that have turned my long bus commute into reading heaven.

Gold Fame Citrus by Claire Vaye Watkins introduces us to Ray and Luz. In the not so distant future, this couple lives in a water hungry southern California town. Living on their own in an abandoned mansion, each day is spent in the shadow of decadence that no longer exists. As they make their way to collect rations, a little girl catches Luz’s eye and the idea of a better life starts to bloom in her. As the child, Luz and Ray make their way out of town, obstacles get in their path and separate them. While hope is all but lost, Luz clings to the little girl and the makeshift life they start to have in a desert oasis. But all is not what it seems…this book was amazing! Continue reading “Bus Reads for June”

Bus Reads for May

The commute from hell? Hardly. Here are some titles that have turned my long bus commute into reading heaven.

The Unraveling of Mercy Louis by Keija Parssinen; when you are the star of a basketball team in a small town all eyes are on you, that’s the case for Mercy Louis. However successful she may be on the court things lie ahead that are less than perfect and the road out of town gets more and more difficult. Between her over-controlling religious grandmother, a mother’s abandonment, and a town’s secret, the whole world turns upside down for Mercy and the girls in the town of Port Sabine. There were a few emotional hard spots to get through, but I enjoyed how different this novel was, even though the small town theme has been played before this seemed like a very real possibility and that kind of made the creep factor more real. Continue reading “Bus Reads for May”

Bus Reads for April

First off, I moved to Tacoma. I gotta say I never thought I’d move from Seattle, but life happens and between rent increases and a boy I made the plunge to the sassy sister to the south! One of the many highlights of my move has actually been my bus commute. That’s not something you hear every day, but the 90 minutes now has become my quiet time to devour books and devour them I have. The plan is to share my plethora of reading with you, which seems to be about four ebooks a month at this point and I average about 80 pages a trip. I’ll attempt to stay away from books that have already been posted and best sellers because really they get enough attention. Enjoy the ride!

A Trip to the Stars Find A Trip to the Stars in the SPL catalogby Nicholas Christopher was a wonderful read. The connections the author uses to unite characters while they are separated from each other was beautiful and magical. The chapters go back and forth between the nephew that is ‘lost’ yet found and the aunt who struggles to find herself after her nephew goes missing. I was completely enthralled with each page and the secondary characters added another level of interest. It was a bit longer than I usually grab for a bus book, but so very worth it. Continue reading “Bus Reads for April”