History Gone Missing

Once upon a time, I was a history major and I think I stay pretty current, historically speaking.  One day, not too long ago, I realized that I had basically missed an entire era and civilization.  Byzantium – hummm, wasn’t that some sort of precursor to the Ottoman Empire.  Decadent and short lived right?  Wrong. 

In late 2009, I stumbled across Lars Brownworths’ podcast series – 12 Byzantine Rulers: the history of the Byzantine Empire and I was stunned.  And then I was hooked.  The Roman Empire didn’t fall in A.D. 476 but survived for another thousand years in glorious splendor (and yes, decadence) with its magnificent new capital at Byzantium.  The podcast series is delightful and Brownsworth deserves all the praise heaped upon him. Continue reading “History Gone Missing”