The World is Your Oyster

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest the winter season wasn’t something that stopped us from doing what we enjoyed as a family. Sure cuddling by the fireplace and reading books was one way to enjoy it since we are a family of readers, but this is also the season of crabbing, clam digging, grilling oysters, and taking advantage of non-peak camping rates!

Here are a few items in our collection to get you started on your Winter adventures:

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Cooking Wild

View from our cabin!

Every year around February or March my husband and I plan our first camping outing. We have a cabin that we love, so even if it’s cold outside we can be nice and cozy. Our cabin has the absolute basics though, no cooking inside, no kitchenette, just a bed and a table, so that means we have to find easy ways to cook our meals. The first time we came out I was all about the foil packets on the campfire, but rain sometimes doesn’t fit with that plan. We now have an electric skillet that we can use on the porch if need be and a cast iron skillet with a cover for those light rains, and a camping tote that holds utensils and towels and spices, just little things we have found over the years to make cooking a little easier.

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I’m Just Browsing. Thank You!

In the past several months, I had the opportunity to browse through our entire nonfiction collection at the Northgate Branch. I was helping our librarians by checking the condition of  each book. That means I had to inspect every single one to make sure they’re in good condition to circulate. Sound pretty boring? Not at all! I discovered many great books that I wouldn’t have thought that I’d be interested in or known that they even exist. My reading list now includes a variety of topics.

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