Theater at the Library Presents – Edge of Our Bodies

edgePosted by Richard
Capitol Hill Library and the Washington Ensemble Theater are teaming up to present the one-woman show Edge of Our Bodies. Sunday April 6 from 2 to 4 p.m. in the Capitol Hill meeting room. Here’s a bit about the show: “On a cold Winter night, a precocious and pregnant 16-year-old aspiring writer named Bernadette boards a train to New York City with only a notebook as a companion hoping to find a sense of meaning in an adult world she cannot escape… and to deliver some heavy news to her distant boyfriend. Rapp’s poetic and honest one-woman show takes us headfirst into the brutal realities of young adulthood and the challenging pull between the need to connect to others and the desire to disappear.”

Labor in Film: We Are Wisconsin

laborIn late winter of 2011, while the Middle East was deep in the midst of the “Arab Spring,” United States workers in the state of Wisconsin found themselves embroiled in a take-down struggle with Governor Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Legislature to preserve their collective bargaining rights. Continue reading “Labor in Film: We Are Wisconsin”

Growing Neighborhood Gardens

Photo of Shiga's Garden in June 2010 taken by a Shiga's gardener. Used with permission

Gardening is in my blood – my mom is a Master Gardener, and I’ve enjoyed digging around in the dirt since I was little. However, as a Seattle renter, I haven’t had much space to garden until this year when I finally got my own plot in a P-Patch Community Garden. Run by the City’s Department of Neighborhoods, the P-Patch Program (the “P” stands for Picardo Farm, the first community garden in Seattle) has enabled Seattle residents to create beautiful and inviting public spaces in their neighborhoods and grow food for themselves and the needy for over 37 years.

Photo by Abby B. Used with permission.

Shiga’s Garden, my P-Patch (pictured above), was built by a group of stalwart volunteers, myself included, on a garbage-strewn, blackberry-choked lot in the University District that had lain dormant for over 30 years. It’s named after Andy Shiga, a local entrepreneur and founder of the University District Street Fair.

You can learn more about this P-Patch and the 82 other community gardens Continue reading “Growing Neighborhood Gardens”