Keep track of your reading in 2019


Who among us can resist a notebook with the designated job of being the treasured place where you keep track of what you’ve read, like this journal from the FriendShop at the Central Library?

This week many of us are thinking about how to organize our lives better, and for me that always includes putting a plan in place to track what I’ve read and what I want to read next. The plan usually fails (it’s not my failure, mind you, rather the plans failure). I’ve admired from afar readers who record book titles and authors in well-loved notebooks, but that’s not a method that’s worked for me (I frequently misplace notebooks). Readers who keep track on spreadsheets seem super accomplished, but there’s a disconnect for me from going to a reading experience to the confines of a spreadsheet (cheers to you, spreadsheet trackers!). And, of course, there’s Goodreads (now owned by Amazon) where you can track what you’re reading, see what friends are reading, get ideas for what to read next, and do a public reading challenge. That’s not working for me, either, mainly because there isn’t an easy way to make (or retrieve) private notes if I’m using the Goodreads app on my phone.

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New features in our catalog

— Posted by Emily 

We’ve added some features to our catalog recently—please join us for a tour of what you can do with your library online.

Fonts and languages

We’ve increased the size and clarity of the fonts to make it easier on everyone’s eyes. We’ve also added a menu on the upper left that allows you to choose a different language when you use the catalog—Chinese (Simplified), Spanish, or Russian.

 blog fonts and languages

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Top 5 reasons the new Library catalog is amazing

Let’s face it, the new Library catalog is amazing! With a slick way to log in, the ability to better manage your book lists and a smarter way to search, there’s a lot to talk about. But we’ve managed to narrow down the top 5 reasons the new Library catalog is amazing:

 5. Logging in is easier.
The first time you log in to the new catalog, you’ll see a registration page asking you to choose a username. Thereafter, you’ll be able to log into the catalog with your username and PIN. Or just use your library card number the old-school way.
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