Shakespeare’s Skull Found …in Brooklyn!

As reported in Smithsonian and The New York Times, archaeologists using ground penetrating radar have recently discovered that despite its dire inscription of “Curst be he moves my bones,” William Shakespeare’s tomb was probably disturbed in the late 18th century by grave robbers out to steal the genius’s skull. In a startling turn of events reminiscent of the astonishingly lucky find of Richard III’s remains on the very first day of digging, we now know that this missing skull has come to light half a world away, in Brooklyn!


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Bringing a cat home: Picture books about adopting a cat

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the joys of adopting a dog. In the interests of balance and fairness (and because U.S. households with cats actually outnumber U.S. households with dogs!), here are some excellent picture books about adopting a cat.

Wheedle and the Noodle by Stephen Cosgrove is the delightful sequel to the original 1974 tale of the Wheedle. An abandoned kitten keeps the Wheedle from falling asleep, and insists (despite the Wheedle’s protests) on making a new home with him. Continue reading “Bringing a cat home: Picture books about adopting a cat”

A Cat-alog of mysteries

Mysteries that feature cats are pure catnip to cat lovers. Here are some favorite authors.

Marian Babson always includes a cat that is central to the plot. Sally, the little stray cat in The Company of Cats, was rescued by Arthur Arbuthnot, but after Arthur is murdered, Sally finds herself in grave danger from his greedy relatives as she has inherited Arbuthnot’s millions. Fortunately for Sally, Annabel Hinchby-Smithe, recently hired to redecorate Arbuthnot’s dismal London flat, is determined to protect the little orphan as she is convinced that Sally’s life expectancy won’t be very long if any one of the relatives manages to claim her.

Then, there are the mysteries where the felines are the sleuths. If you can suspend your disbelief about talking cats, you will enjoy Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown’s Mrs. Murphy mysteries and Shirley Rousseau Murphy’s long running Joe Grey series with extraordinary cats.  Continue reading “A Cat-alog of mysteries”