The Many Faces of Labor Day

DISPLAY rally group~posted by Anne C.

As Labor Day approaches on September 1, many of us are gearing up for a weekend of barbecues, picnics at the lake, and last romps with the kids before school starts again. Here on the 7th floor of the Central Library, we are also taking a moment to reflect on the origins of this annual celebration of the American Labor Movement with a new display: “Labor Unions and the Fight for Workers’ Rights.” Continue reading “The Many Faces of Labor Day”

Edible Garden Series: Coming soon to a library near you!


The days are getting longer, choosing shoes in the morning is a low-stakes version of Russian roulette/exercise in futility (rain boots or strappy sandals?), the scent of cherry blossoms is in the air, and the first Pacific Northwest Halibut has shown up at Pike Place Market– all signs point to spring!  And what is spring in Seattle without gardening? Continue reading “Edible Garden Series: Coming soon to a library near you!”

Dancing about architecture

Photo of the Central Library courtesy of Flickr Creative CommonsThe unusual design and architecture of Seattle’s Central Library has inspired many people. Every day, throughout the day, someone can be seen taking pictures of the steel and glass building both inside and out. Photographers are found around the Fourth or Fifth Avenue entrances looking into the honeycombed windows or skyward at the jutted angles that give the building its unique shape. They are also seen wandering inside the library, taking in the intense red walls of Level 4 or capturing the plays of light created in atrium of the Betty Jane Narver Reading Room on Level 10. In a way, a photographer does a kind of dance—bending, turning and balancing in order to get the perfect shot. Their work not only depicts the physical structure of the Library, but can also serve to evoke particular sentiments and ideas. Continue reading “Dancing about architecture”

Fountain of Wisdom

tsutakawaAs a student in the University of Washington’s Library and Information Science Program, I have been helping digitize photos from the Library’s Seattle Historical Photograph Collection. I’ve discovered a lot of interesting photos, but one of my favorites is a photo of the library’s Fountain of Wisdom with the artist just peeking out from behind it. The fountain, created by George Tsutakawa, is tucked against the low ferns and foliage at the 4th Avenue entrance of the Central Library. Even though it is dry and quiet during the winter, it still makes a warm welcome to the library. Continue reading “Fountain of Wisdom”