Odd Jobs: Someone’s got to do it . . .

Ah, just another day outside of the Central Library: Beautiful maybe-sunny-maybe-rainy-probably-cloudy weather, roving gangs of Greenpeace canvassers hunting down unsuspecting pedestrians for their signature, the occasional person shouting obscenities at an imaginary friend/hands-free window-washer-at the Central Librarycell phone, and, of course, men in climbing gear rappelling down the glass on the side of the library.

These climbers are, as the downtown regular library-goers know, the building’s window washers. The washers clean the entire building twice a year and it takes the crew six weeks to finish washing the 9,994 windows. Coming as no surprise to anyone, the Central Library is considered to be unusually shaped by the window washing industry and requires a non-traditional style of Continue reading “Odd Jobs: Someone’s got to do it . . .”