Netflix and Read: The Queen’s Gambit

Just like with books, shows will also leave me wanting more. While The Queen’s Gambit is based on a book by Walter S. Tevis it’s also pretty darn popular right now, as anyone who has seen the show can probably imagine. So here are a few other diamonds in the rough to get you through…and fingers crossed for season two!

Lea by Pascal Mercier

Lea’s father does everything he can to grow Lea’s brilliance with the violin. Using it as an outlet after the death of her mother, Lea’s talent and fame grows exponentially, but the relationship with her father deteriorates. Told by a third-person narrator this novel delves into the madness of genius. Continue reading “Netflix and Read: The Queen’s Gambit”

More than playing chess ….

Saturday afternoons at the Rainier Beach Branch are a special time. Since February of 2007, Seattle Police Officer Cookie and the Seattle Police Foundation have sponsored an urban chess club for elementary and middle school kids and their parents.

Here are some comments from some Chess Club attendees:

“It’s nice, safe and fun. It’s not boring. People should try it sometimes.”  (boy, age 13)

 “The reason why I come is to learn how to play chess and learn more moves in chess. I Continue reading “More than playing chess ….”